Albert Wesker
Wesker dark
"God? Present and accounted for."






Progenitor virus enhanced body, Samurai Edge


Villain (previously)/Anti-Hero (current)

First Appearance

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: The Online Warrior; Season 1, Episode 8

Origin Series

Resident Evil/Biohazard

Portrayed by

Michael Young

Character OriginsEdit

Power-hungry, knowledgeable and infinitely cunning, Albert Wesker seeks power and domination over the entire human species, all for his own gain. To this end, he was affiliated with the Umbrella Corporation, as one of its most promising researchers, and at the same time participated in illicit activities by going undercover as an officer in the RPD and the leader of S.T.A.R.S. in Raccoon City. Through the course of much betrayal of his allies to further his own plans, Wesker faked his death, gained superhuman powers from an Prototype virus, and worked alongside both the mysterious "Organization" and Tricell, Inc. He would eventually enact a plot, originally created by Ozwell E. Spencer, to transform the human species into powerful superhumans like himself, and be a god to rule over them and a new age. Wesker is the main antagonist throughout most of the Resident Evil series.

Note: The rest of this article pertains to the character strictly as he appears in Assist Me! continuity or media in some way affiliated with Assist Me!


Honing His SkillsEdit

"My old friend, that's exactly why I'm here."

Wesker first came to the home of Max so that he could learn how best to exploit his abilities in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, knowing that Max used Wesker as one of his main characters and could be helpful to him. However this was not the first time he had interacted with Max, as Max asked Wesker how he had found his home, and told the villain to quit trolling his videos.

Wesker stuck around, taking notes as Max covered the pros and contras of playing as Wesker in MVC3. However, Doctor Doom surprised both Wesker and Max when he appeared from upstairs and demanded to know what he [Wesker] was doing there. Wesker and Doom both greeted each other by first name before swapping insults and engaging in a stare down. Max managed to calm them both down, but throughout the rest of Max's lesson they could only manage to get along about half the time, and the two still laughed at each others misfortunes.

When Max had concluded his lesson, Wesker knocked him out with a single punch and prepared to leave, announcing to Doom that he finally had the combat data he needed to spread Uroboros to every house in the United States - and then the world. Doom claimed that humanity belonged to him, protesting what would murder millions (Wesker claims billions) of people. Doom attacked Wesker and a fierce one-on-one fight ensued. Unseen to the unconscious Max, as Wesker and Doom battled in his living room, their character models on the TV imitated their moves.

Wesker eventually beat Doom to near death, and pulled out his handgun to finish off his opponent. At that point, Max awoke and saw what was happening, as well as the characters on screen in the same position. Grabbing his fightstick, Max entered a command for the Doom character in-game, causing the real Doom to hit Wesker with a surprise attack of the Photon Array (referred to by Doom as "The Finger Lasers"). This weakened Wesker long enough for Doom to use his Doom's Time hyper combo to finish Wesker off. Wesker vanished in a puff of smoke, believed to be dead.

Phase TwoEdit

"The... what? No, you disfigured jackass! Jill!"

Wesker eventually returned alive and well to Max's home, and brought along his mind-controlled partner, Jill Valentine. Doom and Max's first reaction was to fight Wesker, but Wesker anticipated Doom's attack and struck him to the floor before Jill assisted her master in holding both Max and Doom at gunpoint. Wesker forced Max to instruct Jill to be a more effective warrior in MVC3, as part of his plan to utilize her as a living weapon.

During his second stay at Max's house, Wesker and Doom's rivalry increased. At one point they even duked it out in an epic rap battle. They shared almost constant insults as they tried to prove themselves better than one another.

Thanks to the efforts of Max and Doom, Jill's free-will was restored long enough for her to remove the control device Wesker had planted on her chest. During this time, Wesker was distracted by a phone call regarding the launch of his Uroboros missiles. Jill came up with a plan to get rid of him, and caught him off guard when Wesker attacked Max. Wesker had underestimated Jill, and while he was distracted by her, Doom hit Wesker with The Finger Lasers, stunning him long enough for Jill to put Wesker in a choke hold.

Doom then used his finger-snapping power to send both Wesker and Jill into Resident Evil 5, forcing Wesker to relive the cutscene where Chris and Sheva blew him up with a rocket launcher, and sending Jill back to the moment she was safely reunited with Chris.

Helping With NemesisEdit

"I have no place to stay. And you're the only 'friends' I have."

On October 19th, 2011, during Max and Doom's possession of the cursed Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 disc, Wesker reappeared unexpectedly after teleporting roughly into Max's house. Doom, Max and Wesker were all alarmed by the situation, and although Max and Doom were prepared to fight, Wesker told them that his plans had collapsed after Jill had left him. He claimed Doom and Max were the only friends he had, and despite Doom's protest, Max offered to let Wesker help them master Nemesis.

Wesker used his B.O.W. expertise to help Max learn how to use Nemesis in-game, and even suggested Nemesis might make a good replacement for Doom. However, the in-game Nemesis expressed anger over not being fed, and attacked Wesker in-game. Wesker communicated with Nemesis through his cell phone, ordering him to stand down, but Nemesis continued his attack until Wesker lost patience, took Max's fightstick and began beating Nemesis into submission in-game. During his fit, he dropped the cell phone, which Doom secretly recovered.

Doom stepped off to snoop through Wesker's phone and saw numerous villains in Wesker's contacts list, including Galactus. When a voicemail from another villain came through, Doom listened in and heard the words "Deliver Nemesis complete and eliminate the Online Warrior [Max] or else no deal!" Doom returned next to Max and Wesker on the couch as the two laughed together, hitting it off for the first time as friends. Doom played the voice mail so that Max and Wesker could both hear it. Wesker prepared to explain his affiliation with Galactus, but suddenly moved to fatally strike Max. Doom snapped his fingers quickly, saving Max by sending Wesker into the TV.

Wesker pounded the TV screen from in-game, demanding to be let out. He then realized he was no longer in his usual black attire, but in his old S.T.A.R.S. uniform. Nemesis then mistook Wesker for a member of S.T.A.R.S. and devoured him, much to Max's disgust and Doom's amusement.

Doom's TrialEdit

"He stole my girlfriend and put me in a human-sized blender!"

Wesker appeared as a witness at Doom's Ace Attorney trial to offer an explanation of Doom's personal character. He angrily told the court that Doom had stolen his girlfriend and once put him in a human-sized blender. Doom demanded to know how many more times he would have to kill Wesker, and Wesker merely laughed as Phoenix Wright restrained the angry defendant.

Saving the HeroesEdit

"You gotta get me outta here! Tron Bonne is stealing my gear, X-23 got me drunk and took me to the tattoo shop and... Frank, no! Get away from me! Right, I'm not playing around!"

Wesker was still stuck in the game, and seeing that Deadpool was about to kill Max, he tells him that his belt buckle was loose. Deadpool unknowingly blew himself up, thanks to Wesker's trick. Doom was reluctant to release him from the TV, but Max was grateful that Wesker had saved their lives from Deadpool.

Zombie OutbreakEdit

"I'm more than qualified for this job, better than any mere mortal. I am a god amongst the men."

After Max and Doom let him go, Wesker decided to stay with them for a time while he is looking for job, but after an encounter with Chris he left Max's house for an interview about position of office janitor, but his anger and arrogance repulsed the manager from him. After the zombie battle in Max's house Wesker came back.

Three on Three ShowdownEdit

"I don't like those odds."

It was revealed Wesker had been tracking Taskmaster while he had been gone, and when M.O.D.O.K., Taskmaster and Deadpool came to Max's house, he decided to ally with Doom and Strider to defeat villains. Wesker shot M.O.D.O.K. in the gem on his forehead, knocking him out and threw Doom and Strider out of his way to protect them form Taskmaster's bullets. Then he quickly defeated Deadpool. Taskmaster tried to shoot Wesker, but he dodged all shots. Then Taskmaster tried to tackle him, only to be grabbed, elbowed in his back and kneed in his stomach. Taskmaster has learned Wesker's teleport and made him retreat. Then Doom tried to throw a fish net on him, but was unsuccessful. They engaged in a fight when Deadpool woke up and started to fight with Strider. Taskmaster tried to slice Doom in half, but Doom caught the blade and used the Finger Lazers on him, knocking him out. Deadpool started to wildly shoot, only to hit M.O.D.O.K.. Strider summoned his Legion, though it was only Ammy. Deadpool tried to pet her, only to be bitten. Wesker and Strider beat up Taskmaster, and Doom used Doom's Time on him, exploding him.

Strider had to report to his HQ and disappeared, and Wesker and Doom advised Max to leave his house. After that they together with Strider went to the diner to eat some tacos.

Time Travel with DoomEdit

"Do I know you two? Have I arrested you before?"

Sometime after the fight against Taskmaster, M.O.D.O.K. and Deadpool, Max has been spending "days" in his new place trying to win a match of UMvC3, only to be snapped out of it by Wesker letting him know that Doctor Doom has messed up their new place (e.g. putting bacon on the ceiling fan) and read's Doom message (as he's fluent in Lavterian despite saying it's a stupid language) to meet him outside the mall at 1:15 PM, leaving him alone with Ammy after asking Max to buy him some tacos.

In 1997, when he was a police officer (before the events of Resident Evil) he met time displaced versions of Max and Doctor Doom, he was distrustful of both of them warning them not to cause trouble as they were in a clean neighborhood.

After that Max and Doom found him bullying Bruce Banner and making him do Wesker's biology project. It was revealed that Wesker is going to a biologist to make money and create bio-weapons to conquer the world. Doom persuades him to pursue a police officer career, and Wesker agrees.

When Max and Doom return to the present they discover that Wesker's choice to be a police officer has led to Captain Commando becoming the top tier character and taking over the world. They travel back to the past to put a stop to Commando's plans and convince Wesker to again pursue a career in Biology. Max and Doom get directions from Iron Man to Wesker's house where it appears he lives with his grandmother. On the way to the gym Wesker runs into a girl with a video game and after taking it and taunting her, throws it over the fence into his yard. Later Doom confronts Wesker while in a "disguise" of a sombrero and mustache and attempts to convince Wesker (who was in the act of arresting Strider) to become a biologist. Due to that, Strider manage to escape and piss him off, telling Doom to get away from him. Max and Doom follow him to the gym and while Doom confronts Commando, Max tries to persuade Wesker to follow his career in biology, specifically by tempting him with "complete global saturation". Wesker helps in taking down Commando (and paralyze Commando in the process by hitting him with a car) and pursues his career in biology, setting the time stream back on track.

Live-Action AppearancesEdit

Wesker has appeared in the following episodes of Assist Me!

  • Assist Me! Featuring Wesker Part 1
  • Assist Me! Featuring Wesker Part 2
  • Assist Me! Featuring Wesker Part 3
  • Assist Me! Featuring Jill Valentine Part 1
  • Assist Me! Featuring Jill Valentine Part 2
  • Ultimate Assist Me! Episode 3
  • Ultimate Assist Me! Episode 4
  • Assist Me! Featuring Deadpool Part 1
  • Assist Me! Featuring Deadpool Part 3
  • Assist Me! Featuring Chris Redfield Part 1
  • Assist Me! Featuring Chris Redfield Part 2
  • Assist Me! Teaser- Wesker's Plan
  • Assist Me! Featuring Taskmaster Part 1
  • Assist Me! Featuring Taskmaster Part 2
  • ASSIST ME! Evolution 2012 Special Episode
  • ASSIST ME! EVO 2012 Panel
  • Retro Assist Me! Part 1
  • Retro Assist Me! Part 2
  • Retro Assist Me! Part 4

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Just like his in-game counterpart, Wesker is seen to move so quickly that he appears to teleport. He also seems to be able to literally teleport, as he once appeared in Max's living room from out of nowhere. In addition to his super speed, he possesses superhuman strength and has overpowered Doom in a test of strength after catching one of the latter's punches. Wesker also displays knowledge of martial arts, utilizing palm strikes and various punches and uppercuts in battle. The only weapon Wesker carries on his person is his 9mm Kendo ​Custom Samurai Edge which he prefers to use only on opponents he considers unworthy of his bare handed attacks. Wesker is incredibly intelligent, although his arrogance and superiority complex can lead him to underestimate his foes, giving them an opportunity to catch him off guard.

In Other MediaEdit

Wesker has appeared in numerous Online Warrior Productions videos technically outside of proper Assist Me! episodes. These include:

  • Wesker vs. Doom Outtakes
  • Epic Rap Battles of MVC3: Wesker vs. Doom
  • Jill Valentine Outtakes
  • Wesker Responds to UMVC3 Nerfs
  • Wesker's Old Spice Parody Channel Guide
  • Ultimate Assist Me Outtakes Part 2
  • Assist Me! Holiday Special
  • Assist Me! Holiday Outtakes
  • Chris Redfield Outtakes
  • Doom & Wesker Watch Resident Evil 6 Trailer
  • Doom & Wesker Watch Resident Evil 6 Trailer 2
  • DOOM VS WESKER: Revelations Trailer
  • Season Finale Outtakes



  • Wesker has been seen dancing in numerous outtake reels. He always dances some variant of Les Grossman's dance from the credits of Tropic Thunder.
  • The launch-code for Wesker's Uroboros missiles is "eleven-fifteen-twenty-eleven" (11/15/2011) which was the release date for Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.
  • Several of Wesker's lines are taken from his dialog in Resident Evil 5 and Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. Other lines are nods to other characters/series:
    • "Did you get any of that in the trash can?" and "Max, I will end you." are both references to the TV series Archer.
    • "Do you want to feel how hard I can punch?" is a reference to Tallahassee in Zombieland.
  • When Wesker needed to pull out his gun to teleport, that was a jab at players of MVC3 who were unable to teleport in-game without firing the gun each time, as the button commands were so close to each other.
  • Wesker's rant at The Lighting Guy is an obvious nod to Christian Bale's recorded outburst on the set of Terminator: Salvation.
  • Wesker's interaction with Max's dog Ammy is a throwback to a very similar situation in which Doom tried to pet Ammy and was nearly bitten.
  • Wesker seems to be fighting depression issues, revealing that he had an unloving childhood. He even resorts to getting totally drunk to bury his sadness. Although, thanks to his superhuman metabolism, the inebriaton wears off pretty quickly.
  • Wesker's presence sometimes seems to have strange effects on Max's fridge. In his first appearance, a Tricell "energy drink" (actually a virus) appears in the fridge and is drank (and then thrown up) by Doom. Just before Wesker appears to help Doom and Max master Nemesis, his sunglasses appear in the fridge.
  • Even after all of training with Max, Wesker isn't very good when he tries to play MVC3.
  • Outside of the rap battle, Wesker always refers to Doom by his proper name: Victor.
  • In preparation for the role of Wesker, Michael Young listened to the audio tracks of D.C. Douglas (Wesker's most recent voice actor) and got some tips to mimic Wesker's posture and body language from Ken Lally (Wesker's mo-cap actor).
  • In Taskmaster's Assist Me! Taskmaster tried to tackle Wesker, only to be grabbed and kneed in his stomach. A similar situation occured in Resident Evil 5, where Chris did the same.
  • During his demo of the "Hidden DLC" he said "...for me, it was tuesday!" during his "Lost in Nightmares" hyper combo, this was a reference to what M Bison said to Chun-Li in the Street Fighter movie adaptation. The full quote being "For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday".
  • During his more recent appearance in "Assist Me! Featuring Taskmaster" He told Doom that "If anyone going to kill you, it's going to be me", this is a reference to what Sabretooth said to Wolverine in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the quote being "Nobody gets to kill you but me!"
  • During the Nemesis T-type / Doctor Strange tutorial, when Wesker controls himself beating up Nemesis after he himself was beaten up, he makes a reference to the phrase spoken by Johnny Cage to Goro in the Mortal Kombat movie adaptation "Those were $500 sunglasses, asshole".


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