A part of the crew

Certain skits in the series break the fourth wall by depicting the Assist Me! crew interacting with the actors.


Lighting GuyEdit

In Part 1 of the Albert Wesker tutorial, a Lighting Guy accidentally knocks over one of the light stands, prompting Wesker to shout a profane tirade at him before shooting him several times.

This same character also appeared as a guest speaker in the Strider Hiryu PSA with James Chen.

A Deleted SceneEdit

In Part 2 of the Phoenix tutorial, the end of a take is suddenly interrupted by several members of the crew celebrating the "gorgeous naked chick scene" they have all been waiting to film (this is in reference to Doom's deepest wish - to see Phoenix and X-23 naked.)

Max tells the guys that the scene had to be cut, because they couldn't put it on YouTube. The Grip offers to stab Max with a knife, but the Director hands his clipboard to the Script Supervisor and sits on the couch to scold Max, while from behind the couch comes a Prop Guy, who's also upset.

Max apologizes to the Director, who responds that "This is bullshit!" before going back to the camera and rolling for the next shot. At that point, the episode resumes as normal.


  • The Lighting Guy is portrayed by Matthew Simmons, who also plays Doom, the physical role of Taskmaster and multiple cameo roles. Simmons has also written multple episodes.
  • The Director is portrayed by Andrew Schieffer, who also plays Larry Hayes and has written, directed, produced, and performed camera work on several episodes.
    • Doom even references Andrew's role as Larry twice, by saying "Hey, it's Larry!" and when the Director leaves, "Does that mean Larry's alive?".
  • The Script Supervisor is portrayed by Matthew Welzenbach, who actually performed that exact duty for Ultimate Assist Me! and Season 2.
  • The Grip is portrayed by Ben Shuman, who also plays Strider Hiryu, and several other smaller roles, including the voice of Taskmaster. Ben has also worked as a grip, camera operator and lighting aid on several episodes.
  • The Prop Guy is portrayed by Michael Young, who also plays Albert Wesker, Deadpool, Thanos, Rocket Raccoon and several cameo roles. Mike has also written several episodes and was working as the prop guy on the Phoenix episode - handing Simmons his beer stein during the bit where Doom finger-snaps himself a drink.


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