Deadpool Tutorial
Season 2, Episode 1
Assist Me Deadpool
Release date 12/30/2011
Written by Michael Young,
Maximilian Christiansen and
Matthew Simmons
Directed by Maximilian Christiansen
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Rocket Raccoon and
Frank West Tutorial
Chris Redfield Tutorial

The Deadpool Tutorial is the first episode of Season 2 of the Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom tutorial series ASSIST ME! It was originally released on YouTube December 30, 2011. The episode was co-written by Michael Young, Maximilian Christiansen and Matthew Simmons, and directed by Maximilian, the series creator.

Plot Edit

Part 1Edit


Doom and Laura are seen together walking down the park, hearing that Laura have make amends with Doom and been dating with each other. However, a voice in Doom heads tells him "You will never have her, Victor!", thus causing Doom to have a seizure.

It turns out that it's all Doom's dream. As he wakes up, Wesker, who's still trapped in the television screen screams for Doom to let him out. Wesker tells him that Tron Bonne is stealing his gear, X-23 got him drunk and send him to a tattoo shop and suddenly Frank West summons a zombie to attack Wesker, which hits him. However Doom refuse and just switch off the television. As he sits back at the couch, Max appears with some grocery items. Max notice his drink and ask what it is. Doom tells him it's 'Doom Equis', the finest ale of all Latveria. However, as Max taste it, he comments that it takes like battery acid and raw-ass butt. Doom ignores it as that's how he gets his singing voice. As Max puts down the bag, he then ask if he taken care of the arcade stick that Doom broke. Doom can't remember as he broke six to seven of it as it's no match for his finger lasers. However, Max reminds him that the one he broke is still under warranty and can get it for free. As Doom tells Max not to tell him not to do, a hand grenade was thrown in front of them. Both sees it and duck for cover behind the couch. As the take a peek, suddenly Deadpool appears between them and scare them. They realize who he is and Deadpool recognize Max, takes out a gun and slap his face saying he not too happy for leaving him out of Season 1. Max is confuse on what he says as Deadpool look at the audience, which results Max asking where is he looking at. Doom tells Max it's time to start the tutorial since Deadpool's here and get to it. As the three of them sits at the couch, Doom comments that this episode is going to be awesome and Deadpool agrees which leads to a high five from the both of them.

As Max finish explaining Deadpool's mobility, Max summarize it that although Deadpool is not a fast character but in the hands of a skillful player, he could be a devastating character. However there was a long silence and Deadpool realize it's his turn and read the script but keeps failing the lines. Just then he notice Doom's beer and drinks it. Like Max, he comments it taste like butt, which Doom snaps him away due to not having two people make fun of his ale. But Deadpool appears back in the couch and adds that it's raw-ass butt which Max agrees. Doom tries again and wish to see him come back from that but Deadpool appears again, adds that he's pretty sure it's copyright infringement. Doom is shock about his 'wizardry' while Deadpool just laughs.

After explaining Deadpool's assist, Deadpool arrogantly says he's the best of the best but Doom argues that HE'S the best of the best which leads an argument with both of them, taunting each others looks. Deadpool suggest that there is only one way to settle this. Max realize what is going on and stop them (twice) that they don't do Rap Battle in his house, which both are not to happy about it; Deadpool calling Max "Party Pooper!"

As soon Max finish explaining Deadpool's special, a white bubble that says 'Subscribe!' appears above Doom as they notice it, as Deadpool says that it follows him everywhere he goes. As Deadpool takes it down, Doom wants it so Deadpool gives it to him since it doesn't cost much. Just then Doom notice some writing behind it and Deadpool reads that M.O.D.O.K wants to pay top dollar on Max. Doom ask how much money which Max is not too happy about it. Deadpool says a lot of money. However, an intermission appears as Deadpool sends a message that there will be an internet poll to the Youtubers whether to kill or not to kill Max by commenting below the video. He also reminds them to subscribe or he'll eat Ammy.

Part 2 Edit


As Deadpool's excited about the poll's result, the bell rings and Deadpool decides to check the results. However, the results is to kill Max, telling him not to let Youtubers decide for him and prepare his gun to kill him. Max tries to reason with Deadpool but he tells him not to complain as he's just a messenger or executioner. Despite Max's plead, Deadpool shoots Max, killing him. Deadpool wonders if he's going to turn into Ghost Rider since he looks like Nicolas Cage. But Doom replies that he looks like Chad Kroeger. There was silence and Deadpool says goodbye to Doom as Doom take one last look at Max and both leaves his house.

Doom, sadden of Max's death walks in a lonely alley, remembering his time with him and rest in a dark alley. Not realizing that people gives him money, he notice that he got lots of money but he doesn't seem to care and Max's art-book that he threw it away before. Just then a voice tells Doom that he needs Max alive. Doom hears it and assume it's his conscious assuming he destroy it due to alcohol and cigars. He yell out to it what it wants with him and what he suppose to do. His conscious tells him that Doom and him have the power to change everything. Doom realize that he has the power to save Max from being killed.

Somehow, he realize that he gone back in time before Max gets kill and rushes back to his place, seeing him alive. Max and Deadpool smell his bad odor, recalling that going out with hooters at 3a.m. wasn't such a good idea. Doom realize that Deadpool is going to read the polls at any moment and decides to save Max, with a snap of his finger.

Part 3 Edit


Doom snaps his finger as Deadpool tells him he lives, for now. Deadpool says to Max that he doesn't need to be worried as he wouldn't kill him as they're Max's subscribers. Max wasn't too sure about it as there's trolls out there. Deadpool is curious about it but as Max was about to explain to him the meaning of troll, Deadpool smiles saying "You Mad Bro?" Doom says he knew it that Deadpool is the biggest troll, in which Deadpool is shock to hear he's a doctor. Doom tells them if the 'Doctor' title is just to make him look cool. Both of them just stare at him, which Doom is furious about it, while Deadpool shook his head.

As Max finish explaining Deadpool's Hyper and was going to explain his combos, the doorbell rings as Deadpool gets it. Two guys appears at Max's doorstep asking for a petition for new additional characters to the game itself. Deadpool assume that it's Cable and decides to help them. But once Deadpool realize that both of them are Megaman fans, Deadpool drops their petition and shoots them dead. Max hears the gun shot knowing it's the Megaman kids again while Doom tells them they should have accept Wesker's check.

So after finishing his combos, Max adds that will teach Deadpool some sinister combos besides the nerfs. Deadpool is surprise to hear that as Max takes out the vanilla MvC3 from Doom's hood. During their matches, Deadpool realize that Max does the Bolo Loop and Deadpool at the fit at anger annoys him when Max explains to him about the Bolo Loop. Max then agrees why they take this one out due to it being annoying.

After explaining his Quick Work loops and finishing the tutorial, Doom tells him that he's the only one who can beat Max at his own game and in his own house. But Deadpool knows that there's one thing that Doom can't do, which is a sit-up. Doom tries to argue with him but Max stops him. Deadpool thanks Max for teaching him the moves and make some jokes. However in a plot twist, Deadpool decides to kill Max by taking out his gun since M.O.D.O.K is willing to pay lots of money on Max. Doom suggest killing Max isn't the best resort which Deadpool is touch by their bond of friendship...only to kick Doom out of the way telling them it's not. Deadpool takes out his swords and tells him that he may survive Bio-terrorist and cursed video games but he can't escape from him. He was about to stab him until Wesker, in the game tells him that his belt buckle coming off. As he does, he realize that his belt begins to malfunction and explodes.

Doom wakes up as Max is cover in red cloth and blood on his face andbody, wondering what happen. Doom assume it's yogurt and taste it but spits out saying it's taste like raw ass butt. Max tells him that Wesker save him. Max has a change of heart and tells him to let him out. Much to Doom's refusal, once Max tells him who pays the rent, Doom agrees but tells him if the zombie apocalypse happens, Max is going to clean up the mess and sets Wesker free.





'ASSIST ME!' Season 2 Trailer Featuring Deadpool01:20

'ASSIST ME!' Season 2 Trailer Featuring Deadpool

The Lonely Deadpool (Assist Me! Promo)00:30

The Lonely Deadpool (Assist Me! Promo)

Part 1Edit

'ASSIST ME!' Featuring Deadpool Part 1 (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tutorial Parody)16:21

'ASSIST ME!' Featuring Deadpool Part 1 (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tutorial Parody)

Part 2Edit

ASSIST ME Featuring Deadpool Part 2- 'Assist Me Is Over' (Short Film)09:30

ASSIST ME Featuring Deadpool Part 2- 'Assist Me Is Over' (Short Film)

Part 3Edit

'ASSIST ME!' Featuring Deadpool Part 3 (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tutorial Parody)14:04

'ASSIST ME!' Featuring Deadpool Part 3 (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tutorial Parody)


Assist Me! Deadpool Outtakes05:39

Assist Me! Deadpool Outtakes

-Outtake- Assist Me Drunk On The Couch Edition02:36

-Outtake- Assist Me Drunk On The Couch Edition

The Deadpool Serenade -Outtake-00:26

The Deadpool Serenade -Outtake-

CONFESSIONS OF DOOM & Other Outtakes02:42


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