Assist Me! EVO 2012 Special Episode

Assist Me! EVO 2012 Special Episode is an episode of web show Assist Me!, dedicated to EVO 2012.


Wesker, Doom and X-23 are shown sleeping in their hotel room in Las Vegas that is pretty messed up. As an unknown woman leaves the room, Doom wakes up with a hangover and heads to the bathroom, with X-23 waking up soon after. As Doom urinates, he notices a pirate sleeping in a bathtub and staggers backwards, falling on Wesker and waking him up. As Wesker angrily asks him what happened, Doom tells him about the pirate. Doom also notices a 'God Tier' tattoo on Wesker's back, and Wesker blames Laura for this, because she got him drunk and took him to the tattoo shop once. No one remembers what exactly happened yesterday, and Wesker tells Doom to wake up Max. As Doom opens his room's door, he encounters a tall man in a skirt standing before him and saying "I am Susan!", with no traces of their friend. Wesker decides to call Max, but Doom finds his phone in the room, indicating that Max has forgotten it.

They decide to go look for Max and encounter a girl who slaps Wesker and says that he and Doom owe her. They realize that it's the call-girl they picked up last night and after she starts telling them about the events that happened, especially mentioning that something happened between Doom and Wesker, Doom fries her with the Finger Lazers. As they try to remember anything about Max's whereabouts, Doom discovers a note from Max in his hood and he and Wesker rush to the place, leaving X-23, who doesn't know what EVO is, behind.

As they arrive, Max asks them where they have been, but they simply pass him by.


  • This is a parody of The Hangover as both were filmed in Las Vegas.
  • X-23 should've recovered much sooner than the others, due to her healing factor.


ASSIST ME! Evolution 2012 Special Episode09:50

ASSIST ME! Evolution 2012 Special Episode


ASSIST ME! Evo Special Outtakes02:58

ASSIST ME! Evo Special Outtakes

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