ASSIST ME! Holiday Special by Maximilian


The Holiday Special is the Christmas themed episode of the Assist Me! series and the first holiday themed episode of the whole series.


The special begins with Max (With Rocket Raccoon and Ammy) asking if the camera is rolling before he greets the viewers and wishes them a happy holiday season, then explains he's waiting for some other guests as the doorbell rings. Max calls them in and Doom waddles into the room. As he sits down, Max asks him if he brought the presents, but Doom proclaims "People bring Doom presents, not the other way around!" Rocket Raccoon then insults Doom for dropping the ball again and the footage suddenly cuts off.

When it resumes, Doom begins to yell at Rocket when Wesker suddenly sneaks up on him, exclaiming "Surprise bitches!" and smacks Doom upside the head with a bag of presents. When Max and Doom ask what he's doing there, Wesker responds that he's spreading a little "bio-weap-, er, holiday cheer." He then gives Doom the bag of presents he forgot and tells him to go to work.

The footage cuts again, and when it resumes, Doom give the first present to Rocket, a copy of Star Fox 64 for the 3DS. Rocket becomes angry, reminding Doom he's not from Star Fox, but Doom could care less. He gives out the next present, one from Max to Rocket, a claymore mine. When Rocket plans to put it under Doom's toilet, Max explains that's why he got it.

The footage cuts again, and when it resumes, Wesker demands to know where his gifts are. Doom then gives Wesker the gift he got for him, a rather large one. Wesker is excited as he opens it, only to find a blender. Angry, he throws it back at a laughing Doom.

The footage cuts again, and Doom sees the next present is from Max to Doom and is a new Rarity figure. Doom is ecstatic to have her again. Wesker finds it rather creepy. Doom gives out the next present, from Wesker to Rocket, a first-aide spray due to his low health bar. While Max finds this mean, both Doom and Wesker merely laugh.

The footage cuts, and Doom sees the next present is from Wesker to him and that it's a framed picture of X-23. Doom weeps for several scenes and Max gives the last present from himself to Wesker. It turns out to be his own handgun, and Max quickly gives Wesker a sketchbook from when he traveled the world, which became saturated. Wekser is moved to finally have 'complete. global. saturation.' and starts to cry, which Doom makes fun of him, resulting in Wesker pointing his gun at Doom and Doom readying his Finger Lazers.

The scene cuts and then resumes with Max asking Rocket if he brought any presents but Rocket explains they don't celebrate Christmas on his planet. Wesker and Doom call him cheap. The scene cuts and then resumes with a drunken Wesker going on about how this is the best Christmas party he's ever been invited too. When Max takes away the eggnog, Wesker starts insulting him before falling over.

When the footage resumes, Wesker is bottle-feeding Rocket a Doom Equis and Max starts to end the video but Doom hijacks the ending and proclaims himself Santa Doom.


ASSIST ME! Holiday Special by Maximilian-006:32

ASSIST ME! Holiday Special by Maximilian-0


ASSIST ME! Holiday Special Outtakes01:50

ASSIST ME! Holiday Special Outtakes

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