Assist Me! Killer Instinct - Basics and Mechanics Tutorial is a first episode of Assist Me! series spin-off, dedicated to Killer Instinct (2013). In this episode Max explains the basics and mechanics of KI.


Doom is looking for Max, but finds only Ammy lying on the couch. When Max appears with a hat and a trenchcoat, Doom tells him that he didn't have yogurt for three days. Max tells him that he will be gone for a few weeks so his roommate has to find yogurt himself. When Doom asks what he's going to do other than hanging out with Ammy and Wesker, Max responds that due to Doom's yogurt habits and Dante's horrible "ghost-busting", he has to get another job and reveals he is working for Ultratech (the main antagonists of the KI universe). Doom tries to remember something about the company, but realizes he has no idea about it.

Max is next seen climbing up the mountain and arrives at an abandoned temple, known as the Tiger Lair. His superiors contact him and tell him to look for and study "an angry Tiger Spirit ninja monk with a sword and 7-foot tall bipedal dog-man". When Max complains about his assignment, Sabrewulf and Jago appear on the stage and start fighting. Max hides behind a wooden pillar and starts "taking notes".

After the tutorial Max notices that the fighters have disappeared. His superiors accuse him of insubordination and don't send a chopper after him, leaving him in the Tiger Lair. At Max's house Doom wonders where Max is and, after realizing his friend is in trouble, decides to come to his aid.


ASSIST ME! Killer Instinct - Basics & Mechanics Tutorial16:40

ASSIST ME! Killer Instinct - Basics & Mechanics Tutorial

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