Assist Me! KI 2

Assist Me! Killer Instinct - Advanced Tactics is a second and seemingly last episode of this Assist Me! series spin-off, dedicated to Killer Instinct (2013). In this episode Max explains advanced tactics of KI involving combo breakers and set-ups.


Max arrives in Sabrewulf's castle, the Alchemicalab, calling out for anyone who may be in the castle with him. Max is deeply disturbed by all the bloody instruments strewn about the lab when he is contacted by his Ultratech employers. Max expresses his discomfort about being in Sabrewulf's lab ("Are those real fricken' arms?!") but his employer warns him to create a lycanthropy potion before dawn or face extermination by Fulgore. Max is then forced to "equip the appropriate attire" for the experiment. Max can only complain about this being the worst job ever, and as he gets ready to put on the "attire" he begins the video's tutorial.

After covering Ultra Combos, Ender Levels and Breakers, Max is contacted by Ultratech once again, noting that it's been three hours, and Max reveals he's successfully created a lycanthropy potion from the blood of Benny. After Max asks Ultratech what they want him to do with it, Doom appears in a sudden puff of smoke, exclaiming he's found him. Max pleads with Doom to get him out of there and tries to explain the situation, but Doom is less than caring, only wanting more yogurt. Max's Ultratech employer is insistent that Max test the potion on someone when Doom smells "Bananas and sex" and promptly drinks the potion, horrifying Max.

Max asks Doom how he feels, and the doctor assures Max he feels fine..."other than a desire to chase squirrels and rub my ass on the floor" when he suddenly vanishes in another burst of smoke. When Max looks down, he is horrified to see Doom has transformed into an exact replica of his convenient...only with braided fur and pants. Max lifts the transformed Doom up, and the doctor pleads, "Kill me!"

The tutorial resumes, and afterwards, Max is horrified that he turned Doom into a dog, though the good doctor is actually elated at the idea of having no responsibilities now, though Max tries to find something to change Doom back, he is contacted by Ultratech again, who suddenly congratulate Max on a job well done and reveal he has earned a promotion in the company, including an office and $500,000, more than enough to get him out of his debt...unfortunately, he has to dispose of the subject, Doom.

Max ultimately refuses to kill his friend and hangs up on Ultratech. Doom apologizes to Max for costing him all that money, but Max just wants to go home and find a way to turn Doom back into an "evil foot-diving tyrannical magician." Before they leave, Doom asks Max one very important question: "When's Mahvel?"

Max promptly drops Doom and storms off in a huff, leaving the doctor to chase after him, while in the background, the moon shines down as wolves howl in the distance...


ASSIST ME! Killer Instinct Advanced Strategies (Ultras, Counter Breakers, Manuals, etc..17:59

ASSIST ME! Killer Instinct Advanced Strategies (Ultras, Counter Breakers, Manuals, etc...)

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