A short video involving Max, Doctor Doom and Albert Wesker.

My little Doomy...


Doctor Doom is occupied with his My Little Pony collection while Max is attempting to use some of Doctor Doom's more advanced combos in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 with Albert Wesker watching, when they ask him to help him out with his moves, Doom reveals that he hasn't played it since he won EVO. He then suggests that they pay more attention to "My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic", using his finger snapping powers to make an Apple Mac appear to show the website, Max and Wesker read it out and tell Doom that My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic has been cancelled and "went the way of Mega Man" much to Doom's shock as he sees the webpage with that information. 

Wesker remarks that it's more like "Lawsuits are magic" which makes both him and Max laugh, this however enrages Doom making him see them as laughing manically with "Hatred is magic" in front of him. In reality, they see how angry Doom is getting and Wesker hugs Max as Doom fires his "finger lasers".

The video ends with him singing the full "My Little Doomy" song he sung a part of at the start of "Max and Doom plays Soul Calibur V".

Featured CharactersEdit

  • Max
  • Doctor Doom
  • Albert Wesker

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