Assist of the Day was a special episode of Assist Me! featuring Max and Doctor Doom as they go over a player submitted video and offer tips during their breakdown of the match.


The episode opens with Doom practicing on a Guitar Hero guitar before suddenly looking at the camera, greeting the viewers before preparing them for his "Hard Rocker" edition of Assist Me, but Max quickly interupts, explaining it's not "Assist Me" but "Assist of the Day", confusing Doom and Max explains the goal of the episode is to analyze gameplay videos sent to him, giving them tips on how they can be better. Doom calls this the "lamest thing" he's ever heard of. Max tells him to watch the videos before making snap judgements and turns on the video.

After going over the first video, Max and Doom discuss what the player could have done to have won the match, with Doom proclaiming his first problem was "YOU DIDN'T PICK DOOM!" and Max says not everyone needs to pick Doom, but Doom disagrees, saying eveyr match is nine to one in his favor.

After begininng his breakdown, Doom suggests the player replace Wesker with Doom, but Max disagrees, suggesting the player should replace someone else and Doom brings up how he mopped the floor with Wesker, but Max adds that he helped. Doom growls and snaps "BULLS**T!"

After offering more tips and showing the player how to do certain setups in the corner, and the player's choice of assists, Max asks Doom what he thinks the player should do, but Doom just rants about Modern Warfare advice, with Max pointing this out.

After complimenting the player for his Wesker vs Ryu matchup, Max asks Doom if he has any strategies to offer for Ryu/Wesker matchups, but once more Doom gives advice for the wrong game and Max decides to not ask him again....while Doom screams "LEEEEROOOY JEEEEEENKINS!!!!"

Max then wraps up the video by explaining where the player went wrong and what he could have doen, before complimenting the player's team, with Max trying to explain what players can do as Doom wanders into teh kitchen before calling to Max when he sees something wrong with it. Max asks what and Doom exclaims there's no more yogurt. Max then says goodbye and as the credits roll, he and Doom argue over what Doom can eat in its place and when Max suggests jello in yogurts place, Doom throws the jello at Max's TV and laughs while Max panics.


'Assist of the Day' by Maximilian - featuring Dr11:19

'Assist of the Day' by Maximilian - featuring Dr. Doom


ASSIST ME! Lost Outtakes Part 1-003:00

ASSIST ME! Lost Outtakes Part 1-0

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