A fake currency that was seen in the Street Fighter movie adaptation, in the Assist Me! Series (and in Max and Doom Plays Soul Calibur V) Doctor Doom believes it to be a valid currency, below are where it is referenced:

This isn't worth the paper it's printed on...


Ultimate Assist Me! Episode 1 (Strider Hiryu / Hawkeye)Edit

After Doctor Doom explained that he bought an advance copy of Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 from Dormammu, he told Max that he paid for it with Bison Dollars, Max makes the same remark as Sagat in the movie adaptation.

Ultimate Assist Me! Episode 2 (Ghost Rider / Firebrand)Edit

When Ghost Rider (who Max changed into) told Doctor Doom that he was there to collect his debt, he attempted to pay him with 20000 Bison Dollars, Ghost Rider knocked the fake money out of his hand as he wasn't fooled and it wasn't the "debt" he was there to collect.

Ultimate Assist Me! Episode 4 (Phoenix Wright / Iron Fist)Edit

After the case was settled and Phoenix Wright left a note regarding his attorney fees, Doctor Doom wondered if he took Bison Dollars.


Bison Dollars were mentioned during the EVO Panel for Assist Me.

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