Captain Commando
Captain Commando
"So Doctor Doom has found a way to travel through time."






Power Suit


Hero (in the games) Anti-Villain (In the Assist Me Universe.)

First Appearance

RETRO Assist Me! Part 2

Origin Series

Captain Commando

Portrayed by

Jack Conway

Captain Commando is a video game character, and the former mascot of the video game company Capcom. His name being derived from that of his company (Captain Commando). He is a blonde superhero wearing a visor and a white and blue costume with a large star on his chest.


He originally appeared in instruction manuals for Capcom games during the developer's earliest days of game production in the mid-1980s, thanking the player for purchasing the game. In that early rendition, he did not have glasses, wore two large medallions with the letter 'C' around his neck, and brandished a gun in one hand and a sword in the other. He was eventually given a beat 'em up game of his own with his present design in 1991 (simply named Captain Commando); however, the game did not catch on with avid arcade players, and Captain Commando was replaced as Capcom's mascot after characters from more popular games, such as the Mega Man and Street Fighter II series, came into vogue. The character was resurrected in 1998 and 2000 as a playable fighter in the Marvel vs. Capcom series of fighting games. In 2005, the character was resurrected again as a playable unit in the crossover RPG Namco x Capcom (released only in Japan). In both games, he is aided by his three partners in the Commando Team.

Note: The rest of this article pertains to the character strictly as he appears in Assist Me! continuity or media in some way affiliated with Assist Me!


Time Travel with Doom

"So..... Doctor Doom found a way to travel through time."

Captain Commando first appears when Max and Doom steal the Time Gem from Thanos and return in 2012. When they returned, the world was changed by Captain Commando and everybody became his fan. Max and Doom went on another adventure to stop this.

Reign of Commando

"Who's top-tier now?"

Max and Doom discover that in this new present, Captain Commando has eliminated or captured the various top-tier villains, and has become so popular he's in every video game there is. He's even captured Strider and married X-23, much to Doom's horror. Max and Doom later go to Commando's home, where he is seen briefly talking to Morrigan Aensland before angrily confronting Max and Doom, having thought he had sent Max to Switzerland and reduced Doom to a background character. Max demands to know how Commando became so 'top-tier'. Commando orders them to sit down before explaining back in Nov. 7th 1997, he learned Doom could time travel, and that a year later, he met a 'fat man in a blue and yellow jumpsuit', who called himself Capcom's Most Beloved Character, and that he gave him a strategy guide for Marvel vs Capcom 7, saying that all the villains had become the favorites and that to 'save the future' he has to become the most beloved video game character of all time, with no catches, just to make it happen.

Commando then reveals that he knew Max and Doom were coming thanks to a warning from the fat man and prepares to attack them, and while he isn't fooled by Max's trick, he is forced back by Doom's finger snap explosion, with the two escaping, snatching the guide as they flee. Commando then calmly pulls out his cellphone and tells Maya to cancel his appointments.

Returning to the past, Max and Doom encounter the past Commando in their search for Wesker, but Commando attacks them, having already met the fat man and is now trying to stop the two from repairing the timeline. Doom and Commando battle each other while Max goes to speak to Wesker, with Commando dominating the battle due to Doom being nerfed in the past. Doom even attempts to level the playing field by returning them to the game, but Commando easily defeats him there and forces them to return to the real world, where Commando holds Doom hostage and forces Max to come out. Though Max wants to finish the fight fairly, Commando simply shoots him, seemingly killing the Online Warrior.

But it turns out Max used his arcade stick as body armor, as Commando learns the hard way when he punches Max's stomach. Max then knocks Commando down with a blow to the jaw with his stick, but Commando rises back up, charging an attack...only to be run down by Wesker's car. With that, Max and Doom return to the restored present, while Wesker tells Commando to stay down...with Commando moaning in pain that he can't feel his legs.

Live-Action Appearances

  • Retro Assist Me! Episode 2
  • Retro Assist Me! Episode 3
  • Retro Assist Me! Episode 4

Abilities and Skills

Commando's Power Suit gives him enhanced strength and durability, allowing him to go toe-to-toe with an Infinity Gauntlet wielding Doctor Doom and dominate the battle easily but not enough durability to take a car to the chest. He uses energy projection attacks, typically calling them 'Commando Blast' or 'Commando Punch'. He also possesses a side-arm that he used to shoot Max with, though the Commando in the games never used one.


  • Strider Hiryu was deemed an "evil government operative" during Commando's reign and was arrested by the Captain. It is unknown if the Strider in the Commando timeline was actually evil or just disagreed with the Captain's methods and/or tried to stop Commando's regime and was unjustifiably arrested.
  • This version of Captain Commando seems to have a xenophobic hatred for "villain" characters (He executed a removal and ban of "villain" characters simply because they were "evil" according to the game's story, he apparantly can't tolerate that "evil alignment" characters have become fan favorites, and he even basically referred to fans' preference for any "evil" characters as a "sick mess".)

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