Doom Equis Factor or just "Doom Equis" is, at least according to Doctor Doom, the "finest of all Latverian ales",

"I don't always use X-Factor...but when I do, I prefer the Finger Lazers. Stay salty my friends."

which to Max tastes like "battery acid and butt! RAW ASS BUTT!" (Deadpool later agrees with him when he drinks it and believes that it was copyright infrigement) it's also, according to Doom what gave him his "lovely singing voice".

In the Christmas special, Max and Wesker made Rocket Raccoon drink a bottle of Doom Equis (Max believed that Rocket Raccoon was killed by drinking it).

In Part 1 of Chris Redfield's "Assist Me" Episode, it was on the TV before Doom noticed Chris Redfield and his teammates.

You can now pick up the official Dom Equis shirt at, Max's offcial partner!

Doom Equis Commercial (Transcript)Edit

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Commercial 'DOOM EQUIS X-FACTOR' *GIVEAWAY!*01:05

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Commercial 'DOOM EQUIS X-FACTOR' *GIVEAWAY!*

Doom Equis Commercial

He runs a country, but still prefers a title of Doctor. He got a Ph.D. in the University of Phoenix, because he schooled that b*tch for free. All matchups are 9 to 1 in Doom's favor, even versus himself. He is the most interesting villain in the world!

Dr. Doom: I don't always use X-Factor, but when I do, I prefer the Finger Lazers! Stay salty, my friends!


  • Doom Equis is an obvious parody of real-life lager Dos Equis. The commercial for the Doom Equis also parodies "The Most Interesting Man in the World" commercial for Dos Equis.

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