Doom and Max MW3

Doom and Max Play MW3 is the first in the series of episodes featuring Max and Doom as Max tries to film a MW3 game and Doom interupts him.


Max opens the video like any standard breakdown he normally does, Max explains he wants to cover weapon balancing and begins to describe how one weapon works and Max explains his goal for this video, with Max wondering about how to do a certain kill streak when Doom calls for him suddenly. Max attempts to ignore him but Doom persists, asking where his My Little Pony collection is when he notices Max playing Modern Warfare 3. Doom wants to play but Max refuses to let him and Max asks him to do something else, explaining what he's trying to do and Doom begins comparing the game to the old one but Max explains that all the tricks Doom wants to do won't work on the new game. Doom just keeps getting angrier at this and tells Max to play Counterstrike, Max tries to resume the video but Doom keeps interrupting and Max tries to calm Doom down, but Doom unleashes his finger lazers, lighting the curtains on fire. Max insists on finishing his killstreak, and Doom gets worried when Ammy is on fire. Doom smells burning plastic and is horrified to discover his pony collection is also fire and melting. When Max points out the ponies look more like him now, Doom crashes the game server, ending Max's killstreak. The episode ends with Max chasing after Doom, threatening to shove the melted ponies down his throat.


Doom & Max Play MW3 Episode 1 'My Little Doom'05:29

Doom & Max Play MW3 Episode 1 'My Little Doom'

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