Doom and Max MW3

This episode covers Max and Doom debating what it means to be a camper in Modern Warfare, with the two having very different ideas...


Like the first episode, Max begins the video like any other, greeting the viewers and explaining the goal of the video, this being how to maintain a higher kill ratio. Max continues to speak throughout the video, offering different options and strategies for maintaining the ratio when Doom suddenly shows up, being nice and giving Max marshmallows, crackers and chocolate, as well as making hot cocoa. Max is flattered but unnerved and asks why Doom is being so nice. Doom then tells Max he's doing this because he's "CAMPING LIKE A BITCH!" Max defends himself but Doom refuses to budge on his belief in Max not camping. No matter how Max tries to explain what he's doing isn't camping, Doom refuses to believe and even pulls out his own encyclopedia "Doom-tanica" which happens to be a Playgirl Latverian edition. Max is disgusted and still tries to defend himself but Doom still calls everything Max does camping. Max eventually realizes Doom thinks everything he does is camping and tells Doom to show him how not to camp...and it turns out Doom is the one who camps. Doom defends himself when Max calls him out on this, but Doom says he is playing as a hunter, who waits to strike like a Latverian female badger. Max then offers Doom a smore and Doom is killed, ending the video.


Doom & Max Play MW3 Episode 2 'CAMPERS!!'05:47

Doom & Max Play MW3 Episode 2 'CAMPERS!!'

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