Shortly after freeing Wesker from the TV, Doom sits down to relax when he sees the first trailer for the new Resident Evil game, and immediately accuses Wesker of causing a zombie apocalypse.

"I let you out for one day and you've already caused the zombie apocalypse!"


Doom sits down on the couch, moaning that he wants a Doom Equis before turning the TV on. As soon as he does he sees the first few seconds of the first Resident Evil 6 trailer. Cursing, Doom calls Wesker in and rants about how he let Wesker out for one day and he's already cause the zombie apocalypse. Wesker defends himself, saying he doesn't cause zombie apocalypses but Doom refutes, pointing out Wesker on the screen. Wesker corrects Doom, saying the zombie on the screen is President Adam Graham (Actually Benford). Doom suddenly calls Leon Brenden Frasier, with Wesker agreeing he does look like him. As the trailer goes on, Wesker keeps naming past Resident Evil characters much to Wesker's annoyance, who constantly corrects him. When the scene cuts, Doom compares it to Rainbow Six and Wesker agrees before spotting Chris and exclaiming his name. Doom doesn't think it's Chris and resumes naming off dead characters. When the trailer shows the new character (Jake) Doom thinks it's HUNK and the girl is Rebecca, with them being chased by Steve Burnside. Wesker just gets angrier as Doom lists off more dead characters and they think the game is awesome...until Doom points out the 6 looks like a giraffe blowing a manatee, and Wesker cursing that he'll never un-see that.


Doom & Wesker Watch Resident Evil 6 Trailer03:01

Doom & Wesker Watch Resident Evil 6 Trailer

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