"Oh, back on the sauce again, eh Albert?"

Doom and Wesker watch the Resident Evil 6 trailer, discussing all the new revealed plot lines and the aftermath of the zombie outbreak from the Chris Redfield episodes.


The episode starts with Wesker and Doom watching the newest DmC trailer, with an argument soon starting. They turn their attention to the DmC trailer, both agreeing the new Dante sucks. Then the RE6 trailer starts, with Doom thinking it's a new Mummy movie, mistaking Leon for Brendan Fraser. They gripe about the budget of the game and Wesker explains he was supposed to be in it. Wesker insults Ada (actually Carla Radames), and refuses to listen to Doom's theories on who will be in the game. Wesker thinks that Capcom gave Leon new facial hair because people would take him seriously and is unamused that Sherry is the blonde girl in the trailer.

Wesker is unimpressed by Jake's attitude but is soon horrified to discover Jake is actually his son. Doom enjoys the revelation while Wesker drowns himself in booze, with Doom further mocking him. In a drunken stupor, Wesker admits he doesn't know any real science and just mixed chemicals together until they created monsters. They are impressed with Chris and Leon's fight but still grossed out by the '6' in the title. They are surprised at Capcom shortening the time for the release. Doom and Wesker then resume throwing insults at each other.

When Doom brings up the zombie outbreak, Wesker insists on his innocence but leaves in a huff when Doom refuses to believe him.


Doom & Wesker Watch Resident Evil 6 Trailer 207:10

Doom & Wesker Watch Resident Evil 6 Trailer 2

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