This guide will serve as a timeline for events in the universe of the "ASSIST ME!" series, supplemental videos and other videos uploaded by Maximilian that feature the characters from "ASSIST ME!"

Several episodes of the series take place on the day the first part of the episode is uploaded to Max's YouTube channel. There are some episodes that deviate from this rule, and these will be noted below.

Season 1

"ASSIST ME!" Featuring Doctor Doom

April 12th, 2011

Max is visited by Doom, who complains that he's only an assist character in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Max teaches him the ins and outs of his character in the game to show him how useful he can be, which boosts Doom's ego substantially. At the end of Doom's lesson, Max sends him home.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 THE ONLINE WARRIOR Episode 6

April 23, 2011

The intro to this episode of "The Online Warrior" features Doom paying yet another unwelcome visit to Max's house. Max gets Doom to leave by threatening to get his dog, Ammy.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 THE ONLINE WARRIOR Episode 7

May 2, 2011

The end of this episode of "The Online Warrior" features Doom returning yet again as Max celebrates his new "First Lord" status in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Max's is shocked to see Doom again, but Doom warns him that Albert Wesker is coming. Max faints.

Writer's Note: Unseen to the audience, Max wakes up shortly later and sends Doom home yet again so that he can resume his "The Online Warrior" series. This is noted due to Max's surprise to see Doom at the end of the first Wesker episode.

"ASSIST ME!" Featuring Albert Wesker

May 2, 2011

This episode takes place only three hours after "The Online Warrior" episode 7. Albert Wesker arrives, and forces Max to teach him about his skills in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Doom reveals that he has been hanging out upstairs, to both Wesker and Max's surpise. Doom sits in for much of Wesker's tutorial, and the two villains antagonize each other. When Wesker has learned all he can from Max, he knocks Max out and reveals to Doom that he is going to use his new data to release the Uroboros virus across the world. To protect humanity - which Doom believes he owns - Doom battles Wesker in Max's home, ultimately defeating him with help from Max. Wesker vanishes, seemingly dead, and Doom asks Max if he can stay the night. Max allows him to stay, and so starts Doom's status as Max's roommate, as he doesn't leave after that.

"ASSIST ME!" Featuring X-23

Mid-May, 2011

This episode takes place roughly two weeks after the Wesker episode, as mentioned by Max in dialogue to X-23. X-23 comes to Max's house searching for her target - Albert Wesker. She decides to stay to use Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 as a combat simulator to better her skills. Doom hangs out with them, and begins to develop a hard crush on X-23. When Max tells her that Wesker has been killed at the hands of Doom, X-23 begins to feel the same way about the Latverian Monarch. Before she leaves, she announces her feelings for Doom, and the two prepare to elope. However, she lifts Doom's mask to give him a kiss, and is horrified by his disfigured face. She leaves him behind, breaking his heart.

Assist of the Day

June 7, 2012

Max and Doom attempt a new online series for Max's channel, where Max covers an excellent use of an assist encountered playing Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 online.

Strider Hiryu PSA from James Chen

July 15, 2011

Doom funds a PSA to get Strider put into Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, and involves Max (who he credits under a false name to make fun of his similar appearance to Nicholas Cage), James Chen, Clockw0rk, The Lighting Guy, and a Street Fighter Physical Health Specialist.

"ASSIST ME!" Featuring Jill Valentine

August 30, 2011

Doom and Max play some rounds of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Doom laments that Wesker is too good in the game, and Max ponders whether Wesker is really dead since they never found his body after the battle. Just then, Wesker appears with Jill Valentine under his command and the two hold Doom and Max at gunpoint. Wesker tells Max to teach Jill about her skills, and Max reluctantly agrees. When her training is complete, Wesker prepares to have his Uroboros missiles launched via a phone call, and Max and Doom work to free Jill of Wesker's mind-control device. Jill attacks Doom, but when Max shows her a glimpse of herself in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, her memories take over and she rips the device from her chest. She quickly coordinates a plan with Doom and Max, and attacks Wesker. Doom snaps his fingers, using his powerful gypsy magic to send both Wesker and Jill away. Wesker is sent to relive his death at the hands of Chris and Sheva in Resident Evil 5, while Jill is sent to be reunited with Chris at the end of the game.

Ultimate Assist Me!

"Ultimate ASSIST ME!" Featuring Strider Hiryu and Hawkeye

October 5, 2011

Doom reveals to Max that he has obtained a pre-release copy of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 thanks to a deal with Dormammu. The cursed disc comes with a warning that if all twelve new characters aren't mastered before the release of the game (which is just over a month away) that Galactus will scorch the Earth. Strider Hiryu suddenly appears in Max's house, but he seems to have lost his memory. Max figures that this is the result of the cursed disc, and he and Doom quickly work to teach Strider his moves from Ultimate MvC3. They also cover Hawkeye, and Strider's memories begin to come back to him. He receives orders from his headquarters, and bids Max and Doom farewell before vanishing off the balcony. Doom is upset to lose his friend so quickly, but his priorities are reset once Galactus appears via the T.V. with promises of world domination.

"Ultimate ASSIST ME!" Featuring Ghost Rider and Firebrand

October 12, 2011

As Max and Doom play as the new characters, Max is turned into Ghost Rider as a result of the cursed disc. Though he initially attempts to condemn Doom with his Penance Stare, Ghost Rider takes a liking to Doom and they master Ghost Rider and Firebrand in-game. Ghost Rider leaves, causing Max to turn back into himself.

Writer's Note: Max has no recollection of turning into Ghost Rider.

"Ultimate ASSIST ME!" Featuring Nemesis and Doctor Strange

October 19, 2011

Max and Doom continue playing Ultimate MvC3, and after a victory Max tells Doom to make him a drink. When Doom goes to the fridge, he finds Wesker's sunglasses inside. He brings them to Max just as Wesker teleports into the room. Wesker assures Max and Doom that he's given up on his Uroboros plan, and just needs a place to stay. Doom doesn't believe him, but Max lets Wesker stay so that he can help them master Nemesis. they master both Nemesis and Doctor Strange, but Doom manages to sneak Wesker's cell phone away and uncovers a voicemail from M.O.D.O.K. The voicemail orders Wesker to kill Max and Doom and secure the Nemesis data. Doom reveals this to Max and before Wesker can attack them, Doom sends Wesker into the T.V. with a snap of his fingers. Wesker finds himself trapped in the world of UMvC3, in his S.T.A.R.S. uniform. He's attacked by Nemesis while Doom laughs.

"Ultimate ASSIST ME!" Featuring Phoenix Wright and Iron Fist

October 26, 2011

As Max and Doom check the mail, Max finds a court summons for Doom to appear to face convictions of various crimes against humanity. Using the cursed disc as a tool on their side for once, Max summons Phoenix Wright to defend Doom. They visit the courtroom from Ace Attorney and present their case to the Judge, while Max masters both Phoenix Wright and Iron Fist. Phoenix Wright gets Doom off the hook by revealing that Doom has diplomatic immunity. Doom teleports himself and Max back home, where he finds a hefty bill from Phoenix Wright.

"Ultimate ASSIST ME!" Featuring Vergil and Nova

November 1, 2011

Max and Doom are exhausted from playing so much UMvC3. Doom wakes up to look out the window and find Firebrand scorching the neighborhood. Max realizes that they need to hurry to save the Earth. Doom suggests that they contact Dante, as he has experience with such problems. However, Dante's twin-brother Vergil appears, declaring that that won't be necessary because he wants Max to make him as good as Dante. Max and Doom train Vergil and also master Nova. Vergil reveals that he wants to destroy humanity, not save it. However, Doom gets him to leave by giving him a false amulet. Vergil believes it to be the tool he needs to open the gates of Hell, and vanishes. Doom throws the real amulet behind the couch, where it explodes.

Writer's Note: In this episode, Max mistakenly refers to Vergil as Dante's half-brother. In canon, Vergil is still Dante's twin, and this was a simple mistake on Max's part. In reality, this was a simple mistake on the writer's part.

"Ultimate ASSIST ME!" Featuring Rocket Raccoon and Frank West

November 8, 2011

Doom comes home to find Rocket Raccoon in the apartment. He calls Max from upstairs, and Max realizes how close they are to mastering the new roster. Despite Rocket Raccoon's harsh temperament, they master both him and Frank West. Doom's attitude finally results in Rocket Raccoon mauling his face, while Max goes toe-to-toe with Galactus in-game, defeating him and successfully saving the Earth. With the defeat of Galactus, the cursed disc vanishes, as does Rocket Raccoon. Doom complains that his buffs as well as Strider are now gone, but Max reminds him that the game comes out in only a week. Until then, they'll play vanilla Marvel 3.

Season 2

Doom and Max Play Modern Warfare 3 Episode 1 "My Little Doom"

November 14, 2011

Max and Doom play some rounds of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Amongst other things, Doom reveals that he is a "Bronie" and that he has an extensive My Little Pony collection. At one point, Doom demonstrates The Finger Lasers and accidentally sets the living room on fire, melting several of his MLP figures. He is particularly upset to lose Rarity, and angry that only Applejack survived. When Max only makes him angrier, Doom snaps his fingers and disconnects Max from the CoD server.

Doom and Max Play Modern Warfare 3 Episode 2 "CAMPERS!!"

December 5, 2011

Max and Doom play some more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Doom declares that all Max is doing is camping, despite the fact that Max is moving around the map. Max finally lets Doom play, and Doom's strategy consists of camping in a bush. Max points this out to him, but Doom argues that he's not camping, but stalking his prey like a hunter. Doom is then killed via missile strike, and he declares the winner a "camping son of a bitch."

"ASSIST ME!" Holiday Special

December 23, 2011

Max and Doom hold a Christmas party, inviting over Rocket Raccoon and even letting Wesker out of the T.V. just long enough to enjoy the holidays. They exchange gifts, and Wesker, Rocket and Ammy get drunk off of Egg Nog and Doom Equis beer.

Writer's Note: Though it is not shown, Wesker is forced back into the T.V. after this.

"ASSIST ME!" Featuring Deadpool

Mid-January - January 18, 2012

Doom dreams of X-23, and is taunted by an evil voice that tells him he will never have her. When he wakes up, Wesker is yelling at him from the T.V. to let him out. Doom turns off the T.V. as Max comes home. Deadpool appears, angry at Max for not including him in Season 1. Doom knows that this must mean they have to trail Deadpool in UMvC3. At first, Doom is excited to have Deadpool around, thinking that the episode is going to be awesome, but Deadpool quickly gets on Doom's nerves. Doom tries twice to send Deadpool away, but both times he uses his teleportation device to come back. Eventually, Deadpool gets a contract sent from M.O.D.O.K. to kill Max, for a hefty sum of money. Deadpool puts it up to the YouTube audience to vote on whether to kill Max or let him live. A few days pass, and Doom is given a vision of what his life will be like if Max dies (this is done by showing Deadpool kill Max, and Doom wandering the streets homeless and alone.) Doom is given a message from the same evil voice from his dream that Max needs to be alive, and that he has the power to change everything. Doom rushes home to ochange the votes with the snap of his fingers, saving Max from Deadpool. They continue the Deadpool tutorial, and before Deadpool leaves he decides to kill Max anyway and collect on the money. He knocks Doom out and prepares to run Max through with a sword, but Wesker appears in the T.V. and tells Deadpool that his belt buckle is coming undone. Deadpool checks it, causing the teleporter on the buckle to malfunction and explode. Doom wakes up, and Max tells him to let Wesker out of the T.V. Though Doom disagrees, he snaps his fingers to bring Wesker back into the real world.

Doom and Wesker Watch Resident Evil 6 Trailer

January 19, 2012

Doom and Wesker watch the reveal trailer for Resident Evil 6, and commentate on their thoughts on the trailer. Doom suggests that Wesker's to blame for the zombie outbreak, which of course Wesker denies. Doom also suggests that each character he sees in the trailer is the return of an old character from the series like Billy, Rebecca, Steve or HUNK. Wesker argues with him, to no avail. At the end, Doom points out that the logo looks like a "giraffe getting blown by a manatee."

Max and Doom Play Soul Caliber 5

March 21, 2012

Max and Doom play several rounds of Soul Calibur 5, commentating on the game. Doom makes a custom character of himself and they go through several online battles, meeting other custom characters.

"ASSIST ME!" Featuring Chris Redfield

March 21, 2012

A zombie outbreak plagues Santa Monica (where Max, Doom and Wesker live). Max is attacked by a zombie in his parking garage that he mistakes for X-23. He's rescued when Chris Redfield, Larry Hayes and Todd Jennings of the BSAA come to his aid. However, they weren't even aware of the zombie outbreak and are only there to look for the missing Jill Valentine. Max takes them to Doom so that Doom can explain where she is, but Chris is distracted when he sees Wesker living with them and a fierce standoff takes place. Max breaks up the fight before it begins, and tells Wesker to take off while Chris is around. Wesker tells Max that he has a job interview anyways, and leaves. Chris then challenges Max to teach him some things about video games, as he's confident that he's a pro-level player. Max begins to teach Chris his moves in UMvC3. Later, Wesker interviews for a job as a janitor, and is turned down. Back at Max's house, zombies appear after a power outage. Max, Doom and the BSAA fight for their lives, with only Max, Doom and Chris surviving the onslaught. As the three wonder how the outbreak could have happened, Wesker returns home and they all look accusingly at him.

Doom and Wesker Watch Resident Evil 6 Trailer 2

April 16, 2012

Doom and Wesker watch the second Resident Evil 6 trailer. Wesker is shocked to find out that he has a son, and chalks it up to a time where he banged Doom's mom, which Doom vehemently denies. Eventually, Doom wonders if that makes Wesker his new father, but Wesker says that they are nothing to each other, and gets extremely drunk. Doom, having harbored the belief that Wesker caused the zombie outbreak, tells Wesker that he must have released the t-Virus in Santa Monica. Wesker denies this, but Doom doesn't let go. Wesker becomes upset at the accusations, and leaves.

"ASSIST ME!" Featuring Phoenix

April 30, 2012

As Max attempts to get in touch with Wesker to bring him back home, Doom introduces him to their new roommate, Phoenix. Max is initially terrified of her because of her Dark Phoenix side, and how she dominated the tier-lists in MvC3, but she convinces him that she is learning to keep the Dark Phoenix at bay and just needs a second chance. They go over her moves in changes in UMvC3, and at Doom's taunting, she turns into Dark Phoenix and nearly burns the house down. Doom is able to calm her down, and he and Max put out the flames, but they have to tiptoe around her so as not to cause another outburst. After wrapping up her lessons, Max asks her to use her powers to find Wesker. She searches for him, and realizes that he is in fact innocent of the t-Virus outbreak. She tells them that the man responsible for that was Taskmaster. Realizing that Taskmaster is a mercenary, Max says that their must be someone behind him. Phoenix searches deeper to determine who the mysterious evil entity is, but as she locates him she becomes trapped in her own mind. The evil entity announces that she has dug to deep, and is a long way from home. As she struggles to free herself, he laughs. Her physical form struggles in Max's arms before she simply says the words "It's him." She then faints, and vanishes, to Max and Doom's shock.

Wesker's Plan Teaser

May 1, 2012

Wesker is at an unknown location, typing away on a computer. It is revealed that he's searching for Taskmaster. An operator speaking to him via the computer tells him that Taskmaster has been located, and Wesker quickly changes from his S.T.A.R.S. uniform into his "Midnight" attire.

"ASSIST ME!" Featuring Taskmaster

May 1, 2012

Later that day, Taskmaster meets up with Deadpool and they depart from his hideout for Max's house. At Max's house, Doom is frantically packing various condiments preparing to leave. Max asks him what the deal is, and Doom says that anybody more powerful than Phoenix is not to be trifled with. Max tells him that they should deal with Taskmaster first, by studying his moves in-game. They begin to do just that, and Strider Hiryu appears to help them. Meanwhile, Taskmaster and Deadpool meet up with M.O.D.O.K., who reminds them that the target is Doom, and no one else. The three of them enter Max's apartment, and banter occurs between them and Max's allies. Wesker appears to side with Doom and Strider, and tells Max to go play some video games. A fight breaks out between the six characters. Wesker defeats M.O.D.O.K. with a cheap shot, and battles Taskmaster and Deadpool at the same time. Although at first he has the upper hand, Taskmaster mimics Wesker's teleport-like movement, and gets the drop on Wesker, forcing him to take cover. Doom attacks Taskmaster with a net, which doesn't work out well. As Doom and Taskmaster struggle with the latter's sword, Deadpool fights Strider and is easily defeated. Doom blasts Taskmaster with the Finger Lasers, knocking him out. Deadpool attempts to make a final comeback with his machinegun, but misses Strider entirely and only further injures M.O.D.O.K. Strider defeats Deadpool using "Legion." Finally, the three heroes finish off Taskmaster by having Doom put him in the Human Sized Blender. Max comes back to congratulate them on their victory, and Strider departs to report to HQ. Doom and Wesker convince Max that they need to go into hiding while they're still threatened by Taskmaster's mystery employer. Although reluctant, Max gathers some of his things and says goodbye to his home.

EVO Special

July 7, 2012

Wesker, Doom and X-23 wake up hungover in a Las Vegas hotel room, finding a pirate and a man named Susan in the room with them. The room is trashed, and none of them remembers anything about the previous night. On top of that, Max is nowhere to be seen. They head out to find Max, running into a call-girl who tells them soo terrifying things about the previous night. Doom blasts her with the Finger Lasers, incinerating her, for which Wesker scolds him. Doom, Wesker and X-23 sit down and search their pockets for clues, and find various receipts detailing some of their forgotten adventure. Doom finds a note from Max saying that he went to EVO, and Doom and Wesker excitedly run to EVO, leaving X-23 in the dust.

Retro Assist Me!

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