Ghost Rider
"This is why I was called the Spirit of Vengenace."






Chains, Hellfire, Penance Stare



First Appearance

Ultimate Assist Me: Episode 2

Origin Series

Ghost Rider

Hair color




Potrayed by

Maximlilian Christiansen

Character OriginsEdit

Johnny Blaze was once a motorcycle stuntman at a carnival. When his adopted father Crash Simpson revealed he had cancer, a desperate Blaze turned to the occult to find a solution. He struck a deal with the demon Mephisto for Crash to not die of cancer in return for Blaze's servitude. However, Crash died in a motorcycle stunt gone wrong soon after. Johnny Blaze was still Mephisto's slave, and found himself transformed into a flaming, skeletal figure. Mephisto had merged his soul with that of the Spirit of Vengeance, Zarathos. Becoming the Ghost Rider, he battled many beings of pure evil after escaping Mephisto's clutches. Johnny occasionally struggled with controlling Zarathos' attempts to gain control in order to spread vengeance and bloodlust, but the Ghost Rider rode on. Saying he's not a super hero, Ghost Rider punishes the guilty for their sins, and protects the innocent from such ungodly forces.

Note: The rest of this article pertains to the character strictly as he appears in Assist Me! continuity or media in some way affiliated with Assist Me!


The Cursed DiscEdit

Sometime after Strider Hiryu left and after being defeated a number of times by Doctor Doom (the last time via the "Finger Lasers") Max decides that it's time to switch characters and thinks that picking Ghost Rider was a good suggestion from Doctor Doom and in the middle of explaining what he can do, he begins to have cramps and undergoes a slow and painful transformation into Ghost Rider, who wanted to "play some Marvel baybee" with Doctor Doom. Later on in the episode, he mentions that he was there to collect Doctor Doom's "debt" (Doom assumes that the "debt" is $20 he still owes Max ), he attempts to pay him in Bison Dollars which results in him knocking them out of his hand and attempting the Penance Stare, only for it to have no effect on Doom because he doesn't feel remorse for all his evil and selfish actions. After that, they got on well with each other, both liking the running over Wesker and drinking Doom Equis.

Doom offered Ghost Rider to join his team along with Strider, but Ghost Rider wanted somebody more demonic as a partner and suggested Firebrand.

After doing the tutorial for Firebrand, Ghost Rider, stating that there are still guilty who need to be punished, did a modified version of Doomfist ending with a Penance Stare and left the house and Max, whose face was slightly burned, suddenly reappeared on the couch as Doctor Doom was coming back in. Max, with a blank expression, could only manage to say "I can't feel my face", Doom replied "Well, you look better without one" and started playing UMVC3.

Neither Max nor Ghost Rider knew that they existed in the same body.

Live-Action AppearancesEdit

  • Ultimate Assist Me! Episode 2

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Ghost Rider possesses some of his powers seen in-game and comics, such as the Penance Stare (although it failed entirely to affect Doctor Doom) and some skill with a chain. He also seemingly has the power to possess Max and belch fire after drinking beer.


  • Max's transformation into Ghost Rider can be attributed to Youtube commentators, comparing Max's appearance with Nicolas Cage, who portrayed Ghost Rider in the movie. Also in some Outtakes Max parodies Cage's behavior, such as looking straight at the camera.

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