Injustice Review


INJUSTICE: Video Review by Maximilian is a special episode of "The Online Warrior" series. Max reviews a fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us, while encountering a character he didn't expect to see.


Max is talking about an normal review for a fighting game when Doom sits next to him and claims is a big fan of DC universe, despite being a Marvel character. Suddenly they hear a strange noise, and Doom thinks it's Rocket Raccoon going through their garbage and tells Max to take care of it, but he refuses to go alone and takes Doom with him. When they enter the room, they don't see anything, and then Batman appears behind them and knocks them out. When the guys wake up in Max's garage, they recognize Batman, and he calls them "Online Warriors". He requests the guys to give him all info about Injustice.

Doom refuses to give Batman any info, and Batman decides to torture him, first by spilling yogurt on the ground, then by cutting off his Rarity figure's mane, making Doom cry and rendering him useless to interrogate. Then Batman decides to interrogate Max, who claims that he always looked up to Batman and then taunts him by mentioning his parents. Batman grabs Max and yells "What the hell do you know? My parents are dead!". Max apologizes for this, but Batman doesn't accept his apologies and threatens to cut off Max's hair, making him talk.

After Max tells everything he knows, Batman lets them go and gives them a warning that if he catches them holding off the info again, he'll return. Doom taunts him by saying that his rogues' gallary is cooler than him, but Batman doesn't pay attention, throws a smoke bomb on the ground and disappears.

After that Max goes upstairs to play video games, and Doom swears to avenge Rarity and yogurt. Suddenly someone offers his help to Doom and gives him a playing card. Doom reveals it to be a joker card, and a psychotic laugh can be heard.

Featured CharactersEdit

  • Max
  • Doctor Doom
  • Batman
  • The Joker


INJUSTICE Video Review by Maximilian18:43

INJUSTICE Video Review by Maximilian

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