Jill Valentine
"I'm... five dollars?!"






Super-human speed and strength caused by P-30 control mechanism, pair of Škorpion vz. 61 submachine guns


Villain (when under Wesker's control), Heroine (when free)

First Appearance

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: The Online Warrior, Season 1; Episode 15

Origin Series

Resident Evil/Biohazard

Portrayed by

Spif Zaya (Battlesuit), Lyndsey Addison (S.T.A.R.S.)

Character OriginsEdit

A skilled expert at close quarters combat and firearms use, and a piano player who memorized every Beethoven sonata, Jill Valentine was a member of the Alpha Team of S.T.A.R.S. , a special unit of the Raccoon City Police Department that was set out to deal with terrorism and increasing cases of violent and serious crimes.

On the night of July 23rd, 1998, S.T.A.R.S.'s Bravo Team went missing, sent to investigate several cases of cannibalistic homicides that occurred in the Arklay Mountains. S.T.A.R.S.'s Alpha Team was soon deployed to investigate. Upon arrival, Alpha Team was soon attacked by feral, mutated dogs, and Jill, Chris Redfield, and Barry Burton escaped to the nearby abandoned Spencer Estate. That night the was the beginning of "The Mansion Incident", where it would be discovered that illegal biological experiments committed by the Umbrella Corporation had founded the T-Virus, a dangerous, contagious virus used to breed biological superweapons.

After the Mansion Incident, Jill would find herself fighting to survive the aftermath of Raccoon City's outbreak and against Umbrella's Anti-S.T.A.R.S. weapon, Nemesis. Surviving that, she and other known survivors would band together and fight to bring down Umbrella.

Much like her partner, Jill is also currently a Special Operations Agent (S.O.A.) of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (B.S.A.A.), a group dedicated to stopping the creation and usage of bio-weapons. However in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, she is dressed in the battle suit she wore during the events of Resident Evil 5, indicating that she's still under the mind-controlled influence of Albert Wesker.

Note: The rest of this article pertains to the character strictly as he appears in Assist Me! continuity or media in some way affiliated with Assist Me!


Slave of WeskerEdit

"Chris...I have to save...Chris."

Under Wesker's mind control, Jill is first seen with Wesker as they approach Max's apartment, upon arriving, they cause the lights to go out for a moment before they turn back on. While Max intially mistakes Jill for one of Doom's Latverian call girls, the sudden appearance of Wesker quickly clarifies the situation. After dealing with Doom and threatening Max, Wesker introduces his weapon to them...though becomes annoyed when they don't recognize her and demands Max begin to train her in MvC3.

After covering mobility, Wesker pauses the training to answer a phone call and Doom and Max discuss Jill's change of character in the game, though Doom becomes annoyed with Max's lack of knowledge on her while Jill just stares at the two in a daze before Wesker silences everyone with a few shots to the ceiling, reminding them he's on the phone.

After covering assists, a bored Doom decides to head to the kitchen after insulting Wesker, which prompts him to sic Jill on Doom. Jill easily subdues Doom and throws him back into the living room but when he groans about landing on his keys, Jill remembers her time during the Mansion Incident with Barry, but her programming quickly regains control and she tosses Doom back onto the couch next to Max.

After going over specials, Max tries to talk to Jill but is unnerved by her robotic like motions and speech, and Jill seems to remember Chris for a moment before Wesker reminds Max he's only letting him live so he can teach her more about her abilities. Then Doom and Wesker exchange insults which ultimately culminates into an "Epic Rap Battle of MVC3".

Freedom and DisappearanceEdit

"Victor, I need to ask you a big favor..."

After the rap battle, Max resumes the explanation, going over hypers before Wesker gloated over how Jill would be able to handle "third-rate villains and pesky celebrity look alikes", noting how the millions of dollars he spent on brainwashing and training Jill were worth it...and then Max revealed he could purchase her for five dollars on Xbox. Jill was flabbergasted by her price while Wesker was infuriated. Even Doom though Wesker was ripped off.

After covering Jill's last hyper, Wesker became hungry and ordered Jill to fetch him a sandwich. At the mention of sandwich, Jill had another flashback to the mansion incident but dutifully obeyed Wesker, and went to get his sandwich. Doom took this time to insult Wesker for turning Jill into his slave, lamenting she was much better in Marvel 2, though Wesker reminded him he thought everything was better in Marvel 2 and pointed out Jill's 'sexy' battlesuit and Doom quickly agreed. Jill then returned with a sandwich, Max's to be exact, and resumed her training.

After going over combos Wesker tried to convince Max on getting a timeshare on a volcanic island when his phone went off and he told Jill it was time. The two got up and went to the kitchen where Wesker was preparing to give the launch codes for his Uroboros missiles. Max and Doom quickly came up with a plan and Doom distracted Jill by battling her, but Jill proved the superior fighter and had Doom by the throat when Max called to her and showed her her Marvel 2 self.

Seeing her past self and remembering her sacrifice to save Chris from Wesker in the Spencer Mansion, Jill overcame Wesker's brainwashing and ripped the P30 scarab off her chest, taking back her mind and body.

Doom was elated to see Jill back to normal and the three quickly formed a plan to stop Wesker from destroying the east coast. After Max got his attention, Doom weakened Wesker with his finger lazers so Jill could pin him with a necklock, buying Doom enough time to use his fingersnap to send them back where they belong.

It turns out Doom sent both Jill and Wesker back to the ending of Resident Evil 5, where Wesker was once more seemingly killed by Chris and Sheva. Jill was last seen on the helicopter with Chris, smiling at him as they flew off into the sunset.

Live-Action AppearancesEdit

  • Assist Me! Featuring Jill Valentine Part 1
  • Assist Me! Featuring Jill Valentine Part 2

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Jill showed advanced strength and speed, combined with her hand-to-hand skills, this allowed her to easily overpower both Doctor Doom and Wesker alike, and while she fired her weapon, she does possess some degree of arms training.

In Other MediaEdit

  • Assist Me! Jill Outtakes
  • Epic Rap Battles of MVC3

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