Mahvel Is Doomed

MAHVEL IS DOOMED! is the second Christmas special featuring Max and Doom from Assist Me, not only in celebration of the holidays but of their 160,000 subscribers landmark.


The video opens with snow falling as Max and Benny greet the viewers, with Max thanking his subscribers and announcing their latest highest subscriber numbers at 160,000. Max explains his happiness at such an accomplishment and his pride in sharing his love of fighting game content before bidding everyone a happy new year and holidays...when a drunken Doctor Doom staggers into the room, lamenting the 'death' of Marvel due to licensing issues because of Disney purchasing them.

Understating, Max tries to cheer Doom up and suggests they move on to other fighting games, citing that being part of the fighting community means they have to experience other games and pulls out a copy of Street Fighter X Tekken. Enraged, Doom slaps the copy out of Max's hand and drunkenly falls down the stairs into Max's garage with all his arcade machines. Spotting a light gun, Doom decides to 'end it all' and is about to shoot himself in the head when Booker T. appears. He explains the collapse of THQ has left him in limbo and Doom laments he too will become trapped in limbo as well due to Marvel getting cancelled, but Booker T. tells Doom that people still love him though Doom is utterly convinced he is useless and wishes he had never been born.

Booker T. then looks up to the 'fighting game god' (Hideki Kamiya) and asks if they should give him what he wants. With a thumbs up approval from the god Booker T. makes it so that Doom was never born. Unconvinced, T. leads Doom back up stairs and Doom discovers to his horror that because he was never born, Capcom stopped making games and instead started making phone apps and Max got into anime fighters and has become a weeaboo.

Worse yet, Doom learns he was never there to save Strider and that without him, his best friend died. T. tells Doom he really did have a wonderful life, causing Doom to scream in anguish that he wants to go back...

And promptly woken up by Max, revealing he had fallen asleep next to him on the couch after drinking some "expired eggnog". Elated to see everything back to normal, even happy to see the X-Box One (the "giant DRM VCR box") and the Kinect. (it's "overpriced government spyware machine") Doom and Max then wish everyone a merry Christmas as the video ends.


  • The plot is a clear parody of It's a Wonderful Life, the classic Christmas movie starring James Stewart.
  • This is the second occurrence of a sequence in an Assist Me! episode being a dream due to an alcoholic beverage. (the first time was in Assist Me! Deadpool involving Doom Equis, in this special, it involved expired eggnog)
  • This is the second Assist Me! episode to feature a real-world game developer in a cameo, the first being Retro Assist Me! Episode 4.


MAHVEL IS DOOMED! Holiday Special Movie by Maximilian07:00

MAHVEL IS DOOMED! Holiday Special Movie by Maximilian

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