Max and Doom play Soul Calibur V

Following the same vein as Doom and Max Play MW3, Max instead tackles the newly released Soul Calibur V, earning Doom's ire first, and then his interest thanks to character creation...


Max is playing a match in Soul Calibur V as Siegfried, while his opponent is a Hilde. Max is trying to stay focused when Doom suddenly walks in, singing "My little Doomy" and sits down on the couch. When he sees no arcade sticks and Max using a controller instead, he accuses him of "scrubbing it up". Max tells Doom he's playing online and to give him a break, Doom just further mocks Max for not reaching Cosmic Lord rank yet when he finally realizes Max is not playing Marvel vs Capcom 3. Max tells him he's playing Soul Calibur V and Doom promptly shouts, "Traitor!" and knocks Max out with a sucker punch.

Half an hour later, Doom is putting the finishing touches on his create a character when Max regains consciousness, asking Doom why he hit him, but Doom denies it. Max is initially impressed by Doom's self made character, but then suggests Doom make him fatter, and then Doom threatens to hit him again. Doom tests his character against the Edge Master for a bit until Max tells him that's not the best way to test the character out, with Doom denying this by saying Edge Master is the best character in the game. Max then suggests Doom play online, and the first fighter they encounter has a...questionable looking create a character. Doom wins the match despite his disgust against the character. In a second match, Max is surprised to learn Doom's character has wings, mostly because jetpacks didn't exist back then. Max is further shocked to learn Doom is black when his armor in-game is destroyed.

After Doom loses his second match, Max takes over and brings Siegfried back and they're next opponent is a create a character who is Haggar. Max loses and Doom is unimpressed by the lack of online, suggesting they play Ultimate Marvel 3 instead. Max and Doom play some more matches, all the while Doom wants to play Marvel until he sees a Strider in game. Doom roots for Strider and becomes enraged when Max wins, destroying his controller and ending the video.


Max & Doom Play Soul Calibur 508:20

Max & Doom Play Soul Calibur 5

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