Fans of the Mega Man series have appeared in Assist Me! at various points, usually to be humorously tormented.


Petitioning for Mega Man in UMvC3Edit

As Max covers the Deadpool tutorial, two fans come to Max's door to petition to have Mega Man added to the roster of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. However, the door is answered by Deadpool, who is at first elated at the idea of more characters on the roster - he has in mind Cable and Ken Masters. He agrees to sign, which causes the guys to geek out and admit "We're finally getting Mega Man!" Upon hearing that, Deadpool drops the petition, pulls out his guns, and shoots both fans dead.

The Zombie Outbreak in Santa MonicaEdit

When Taskmaster releases the t-Virus in Santa Monica, the recently deceased petitioners are brought back to life as zombies. While Chris Redfield visits Max, the petitioners join the zombie horde that attacks Max's home, and even in death they groan for "Mega Man Legends 3". They are finally put to rest during the ensuing battle via Doctor Doom's "Finger Lasers".

A Fangirl in 1998Edit

When Max and Doom time-travel to the past to correct the altered present Doom created, they witness Wesker leaving home and running into a young Mega Man fangirl. Wesker sees that she's carrying a video game, and she tells him it's Mega Man Legends. Wesker takes the game from her and tosses it over his house, then saunters off laughing, leaving the girl to cry.


  • The petitioners are portrayed by David Vincent and Nasir Lateef.
  • The fangirl is portrayed by Jesseca Stadtlander, who also plays Rebecca Chambers.
  • This is part of several in-jokes where the series acknowledges Capcom's famous mistreatment of the Mega Mag fanbase. Other Mega Man in-jokes include:
    • In Epic Rap Battles of MvC3, one of Wesker's lines is "I killed Mega Man because he didn't cut me a check." Doom later references this when Max realizes that Deadpool killed the petitioners: "Well, shoulda cut Wesker that check!" All of which implies that Mega Man is excluded from the games because Wesker literally killed him.
    • A more subtle joke can be found in Retro Assist Me! Part 3, when Max and Doom confront Captain Commando, and Commando asks "What, you were expecting Mega Man?" This is due to Captain Commando being Capcom's first mascot, and him being a literal embodiment of Capcom turned evil in-story. (he also indirectly references the Bad Box Art version of Mega Man during his explaination on how he got so Top Tier to Max and Doom)
    • In Assist Me! Lawsuits are magic , when Doom finds out that that My Little Pony: Fighting is magic has been cancelled. Wesker remarks that "it went the way of Mega Man". (Note: This was recorded before Mega Man was announced as a playable character in the next Smash Bros game)


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