Retro Assist Me! has a number of references to the Back to the Future Trilogy, here is a list of where they are in each episode

Episode 1:Edit

  • Max and Doom's new place looking a mess is similar to how Doc Brown's place looks at the start of Back to the Future
  • The scenes at Twin Plums Mall is similar to the scenes at Twin Pines Mall, using the same filming location, similar dialogue and even a parody of the chase scene. (one different being that's it's in daylight, it was night in Back to the Future)
  • When Max says "this is heavy", Doctor Doom replies "weight has nothing to do with it", this is a reference to a similar exchange between Marty and the 1955 Doc Brown,
  • Max's disorientation at being in 1997 is similar to how Marty Mcfly reacts to 1955.
  • The 1997 Wesker behaves like Principal Strickland.
  • Max's explaination involving what would happen if he met himself is similar to Doc Brown's explaination  to Marty in Back to the Future Part II
  • Doctor Doom telling Max to think "four dimensionally" is similar to Doc Brown telling Marty to do that in Back to the Future Part III

Episode 2:Edit

  • When Max was waking up, it was similar to how Marty woke up after going unconcious for a few hours (which happened in each movie of the Back to the Future Trilogy
  • The scene at the Sushi resturant has references to Wesker in Biff Tannen's role and Bruce Banner as George Mcfly's. It also features some dialogue from Griff in Back to the Future Part 2.
  • Thano's reaction to losing his bet has similarities to how Biff reacts to finding Marty after the "accident" earlier in Back to the Future, he also parodies a scene involving Biff and Lorraine in Part II.
  • Captain Commando's reaction to overhearing Max and Doctor Doom's comversation is similar to that of the 2015 Biff Tannen's reaction after overhearing Doc Brown and Marty Mcfly's conversation.
  • Doctor Doom's line at the end is a reference to Doc Brown's closing line from Back to the Future (which was shown at the beginning of Part 2)

Episode 3:Edit

  • In the alternate 2012 Gamestop, there are a number of references to alternate 1985 in Back to the Future Part II, the PSA is a reference to the video shown at the Biff Tannen Museum, it even parodies the dialogue between Marty and Doc Brown.
  • Their meeting with the Alternate 2012 Captain Commando has a couple of references to Marty Mcfly's interactions with the Alternate 1985 Biff Tannen, one of them involving a book from the future which in both cases is used for the antagonists personal gain.
  • When Doctor Doom grinds the first game in his hood and recieves Plutonium, Max parodies Marty's "are you telling me that sucker is NUCLEAR?!" line in Back to the Future.
  • The reaction that Max and Alternate 2012 Max had with each other is similar to that which Jennifer experianced with her future self in Back to the Future Part II/
  • After Max and Doctor Doom travel to the past to narrowly escape being shot by the Alternate 2012 Max, he parodies Biff Tannen's reaction to seeing a flying DeLorean travel through time by saying "what the hell is going on?" He also parodies the alternate 1985 Gerald Strickland's "Eat lead, slackers!" line

Episode 4:Edit

  • Wesker throwing the game from a girl is similar to how Biff Tannen throws a ball onto an inaccessable area out of spite in Back to the Future Part 2, it even parodies Biff's interaction with his grandma.
  • Max shouting at Doctor Doom to find "something inconspicous" to disguise himself with is a reference to what Doc Brown shouted to Marty Mcfly.
  • Max's way of surviving a blast by Captain Commando is a reference to how Marty was able to survive a shot in the chest by Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen in Back to the Future Part III, although Captain Commando's cybernetics are similar to that of Griff in Back to the Future Part II
  • Yoshinori Ono's interaction with Max, Doctor Doom and Wesker is a reference to the end of Back to the Future Part III


  • Max uses the same diversionary tactic as Marty used at various points in the Back to the Future Trilogy, which Captain Commando wasn't fooled by.
  • Captain Commando's PSA in Episode 3 contains a parody of Guile's speech from the Street Fighter movie adaptation.

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