Rocket Raccoon
"Yeah, sure. I'll beat Little Green Riding Hood over here in any kind of match up."






Firearms, mechanical gadgets, animal senses, super-human agility



First Appearance

Ultimate Assist Me!; Episode 6

Origin Series

Rocket Raccoon

Portrayed by

Michael Young (voice and puppeteer), Robert Thomas (assistant puppeteer), Lyndsey Addison (pupeteer in Christmas Special)

Character Origins Edit

Centuries ago, a group of alien humanoids settled the largest planet in the Keystone Quadrant star system. They built a complex to house and treat the insane, recording their medical observations in a psychiatric diary. When their funding was cut, they abandoned the project, but not before they created a staff of robots to provide for the humanoids. They then separated the quadrant from the rest of the galaxy with an impenetrable force field.

When a nearby star went nova, ensuing radiation gave sentience to the robots, who quickly chafed at the illogic of the humanoids, or "Loonies." Seeking to end their servitude, the robots used genetic engineering to give intelligence and awareness to the animals that had been left as companions for the patients. They charged the animals with the patients' care and protection, then relocated to the far side of the planet, which they proceeded to strip bare through industrial endeavors, one of which was construction of a vast, humanoid spacecraft called Ship. The half-industrial, half-verdant planet became known as "Halfworld."

The animals continued to care for the humans, and the robots provided equipment, weapons, and parts for toys. The psychiatric diary left by the physicians (now known in legend as the "Shrinks") became an indecipherable icon called Gideon's Bible. Toys played an important part in Halfworld society as entertainment for the Loonies. Without toys, the Loonies lapsed into a deep melancholy, so the animals made certain nothing interrupted production. Two otters formed the first toy factory, and upon their death it was taken over by the mole Judson Jakes, who established his headquarters in the Spacewheel space station built by the tortoise Uncle Pyko. Pyko designed toys, weapons, an army of robots clowns, and the batlike Drakillers.

Jakes' first attempt to steal Gideon's Bible, decipher its secrets, and turn them to profit was stopped by the Hulk, aiding Halfworld's chief law officer, Ranger Rocket Raccoon. The book was recovered, but not before Pyko secretly translated it and returned the Hulk to Earth.

Jakes' "Mayhem Makaniks" encountered its first competition when the serpentine Lord Dyvyne organized "Dyvynities, Inc." and forced Jakes from Spacewheel. Jakes retreated underground and a Toy War ensued. Both coveted the otter Lylla, who was legal heir to the toy empire and romantically involved with Rocket Raccoon.

Rocket Raccoon opposed Jakes and Dyvyne and tried to end the war. The two joined forces in a mutual attempt to kill him, even as Pyko joined Rocket. Pyko, Lylla, Rocket, and his first mate, Wal Russ, took Gideon's Bible to the robots and presented it to the Head Robot, who combined the information contained in the volume with the robots' advanced technology to create helmets that would cure the Loonies. The four animals distributed the helmets. A last assault by Jakes and Dyvyne was narrowly foiled by the animals, the robots, and the newly aware humanoids.

The grateful humanoids began to plan the future, and offered Rocket, the other animals, and the robots positions as assistants and entertainers. Not interested in those roles, the animals and automatons entered Ship and launched an expedition to explore space and its many worlds.

One such planet was Hallaile, or "Witch World," where Rocket Raccoon met the wandering Prince Wayfarer of Ithicon. The two fought the sorceress and a group of rogue animals.

Rocket Raccoon was later captured by a renegade group of alien Skrulls disguised as a race of D'Bari, a.k.a. the Asparagus People, after Raccoon discovered their secret. The disguised Skrulls also captured allies of the trucker-turned-space explorer Razorback, who brought the hero She-Hulk to help rescue his allies, in the process liberating Rocket Raccoon and exposing the Skrulls. Presumably, Raccoon returned to his fellow Halfworlders.

Recently Rocket Raccoon was held prisoner by the Kree. He was introduced to Peter Quill as a member of his team to help hault the Phalanx's attempted conquest of the galaxy. Rocket Raccoon acted as a gifted military tactician who was also fearless, loyal, and insightful. Afterwards he joined Starlord's Guardians of the Galaxy, where he proved essential to holding the team together when Starlord's leadership was questioned.

Note: The rest of this article pertains to the character strictly as he appears in Assist Me! continuity or media in some way affiliated with Assist Me!

Background Edit

An Unexpected VisitEdit

"Cursed disc, huh? Looks like your friend here brought some of the Medieval Times back with him."

It was near a week until Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 was to be released, Doctor Doom was talking to someone over Max's cell phone, saying that "Doom Support" will pick up whatever he is needing to be picked up, considering that X-23 is gonna be the 3rd on his team, trying to dispute the fact that trying to show her his "Hidden Missile" was a misunderstanding, and answers the questions of him still living with Max, and saying he is NOT related to Nicolas Cage or the band Nickelback. Once returning to the couch to see a bag he had placed upon it moving, he tells him he will need to call him back, and ends the call. As he pulls the bag off revealing Rocket Raccoon, Max them comes downstairs asking about his hoagie and cellphone. Doom tells him about his presence, and Max was surprised. Knowing he was the last one they decide to master his moves. Doom and Rocket Raccoon exchanged insults throughout the day as Max mastered Rocket Raccoon in-game, and at Rocket Raccoon's request for someone who can watch his stylishness in battle, a battle photographer, Frank West. Doom and Rocket Raccoon's insults finally escalated into a fight, and as the two duked it out in the living room, Galactus appeared on Max's TV. Max fought Galactus in-game using a team consisting of Strider, Ghost Rider and Vergil. As Doom continued fighting Rocket Raccoon, the two ran into a wall, knocking Doom unconcious and trapping Rocket Raccoon under his back. Rocket Raccoon struggled to free himself as Max defeated Galactus, and Rocket Raccoon suddenly faded away.

Christmas VisitEdit

"I'm not from a bloody Star Fox, you stupid git!"

Rocket Raccoon decided to visit once more for Christmas with Max and Doom, he was given Starfox 64 for the 3DS as a present from Doom, making Rocket enraged. Max had given him a claymore bomb to place under Doom's toilet. Wesker had given him first-aid spray, thinking of his UMvC3 health bar for the season and thought he would need it. Doom had made fun of him soon after, resulting in missing footage. Later on, Max and Wesker fed him a Doom Equis.

Live-Action AppearancesEdit

  • Ultimate Assist Me! Featuring Rocket Raccoon and Frank West
  • Assist Me! Holiday Special

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Though small, Rocket Raccoon is one vicious little woodland creature. He was able to overpower and maul Doctor Doom, inadvertently knocking him unconscious.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit

  • Ultimate Assist Me! Outtakes Part 3
  • Assist Me! Holiday Special Outtakes


'ASSIST ME!' - Rocket Raccoon and Frank West Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Live Action Tutorial18:22

'ASSIST ME!' - Rocket Raccoon and Frank West Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Live Action Tutorial

ASSIST ME! Holiday Special by Maximilian06:32

ASSIST ME! Holiday Special by Maximilian

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