Tony Masters
"You are the ass-kick-ee, I am the ass-kick-er."


Taskmaster, Captain America, Contingency T




Photographic Reflexes, Various Weaponry



First Appearance

Assist Me!; Season 2, Episode 8

Origin Series


Portrayed by

Matthew Simmons, Todd Graziano (stunts) and Ben Shuman (voice and stunts)

Character OriginsEdit

Tony Masters was a former SHIELD Agent who injected himself with a sample of supersoldier serum he stole during a raid on a secret Nazi laboratory. This supersoldier serum gave him the abillity to perfectly imitate any sort of physical technique just by watching someone perform that technique. Unfortunately, this also gave him bouts of amnesia every time he learned something too complex, such as the martial arts style of the alien Kree race. To counteract this, SHIELD Director Nick Fury assigned Masters' wife, Mercedes Merced, to act as Tony's agency Handler as part of a secret operation designed to exploit his new ability. Mercedes then gave the amnesiac Tony Masters a new identity, assigning him missions that seem morally questionable, but ultimately benefit the interests of the US Government and its citizens. That new identity is the Taskmaster.

Note: The rest of this article pertains to the character strictly as he appears in Assist Me! continuity or media in some way affiliated with Assist Me!


The Target is DoomEdit

"I'm gonna kill you painfully!"

Taskmaster has been hired by a mysterious and currently unknown client to kill Doom. He has been revealed to be the source of the T-Virus outbreak in Santa Monica, and is known to be working with Deadpool, who was previously hired by M.O.D.O.K. to kill Max.

His exact motives are unknown, but due to his nature it is likely he has no personal beef with Doom or Max, and is merely doing this job for the money. How he came across the t-Virus or his exact reasons for using it are still unknown.

Later Deadpool had come to his home so they can meet up with their client. Knowing now that Taskmaster owns a mini-van, which he considers to have good fuel economy and has plenty of space to store his gear, he also thinks that it's better than Deadpools motorbike, which he dubs "a fruity scooter". And shot him when he was asked if they could pullover for a bathroom break.

They have met M.O.D.O.K. and later appeared in Max's house before Max, Doom and Strider. Suddenly Wesker appeared and told Max to learn more about Taskmaster when he, Doom and Strider will take on the villains. Wesker shot M.O.D.O.K. in the gem on his forehead, knocking him out and threw Doom and Strider out of his way to protect them form Taskmaster's bullets. Then he quickly defeated Deadpool. Taskmaster tried to shoot Wesker, but he dodged all shots. Then Taskmaster tried to tackle him, only to be grabbed, elbowed in his back and kneed in his stomach. Taskmaster has learned Wesker's teleport and made him retreat. Then Doom tried to throw a fish net on him, but was unsuccessful. They engaged in a fight when Deadpool woke up and started to fight with Strider. Taskmaster tried to slice Doom in half, but Doom caught the blade and used the Finger Lazers on him, knocking him out. Deadpool started to wildly shoot, only to hit M.O.D.O.K.. Strider summoned his Legion, though it was only Ammy. Deadpool tried to pet her, only to be bitten. Wesker and Strider beat up Taskmaster, and Doom used Doom's Time on him, exploding him.

Live-Action AppearancesEdit

  • Assist Me! Feat. Taskmaster Part 1
  • Assist Me! Feat. Taskmaster Part 2

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

True to his comic and game counterpart, Taskmaster has the ability to copy any techniques he sees, and uses this to copy Wesker's teleport. He is also highly trained in hand-to-hand and in the use of weapons, able to overpower Wesker in the second half of their fight and skillfully shooting him with his sidearm. He was also able to use his sword to gain a brief advantage over Doom, but still proved no match for the combined might of Strider, Wesker and Doom.

In Other MediaEdit

  • Assist Me! Taskmaster Trailer
  • Assist Me! Season Finale Outtakes
  • Deadpool vs Taskmaster (Explicit Outtakes)


  • Taskmaster can only copy moves that he's physically capable of copying (e.g. he can't lift a car as he lacks the super strength to do so) so he shouldn't have been able to copy Wesker's teleport unless he had a teleportation device hidden on him or was infected by the same strain of virus that gave Wesker his power.

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