The Finger Lazers (Photon Array Hyper Combo) is Doctor Doom's trademark attack within the Assist Me! series. Doom uses this attack several times either as or before the finishing attack...or whenever he feels like it.



Assist Me! Featuring Wesker Part 3

The attack's first appearance, Doom used the Finger Lazers for the first time on camera and outside the game to overwhelm Wesker before finishing him off with his Level 3 Hyper combo.

Assist Me! Featuring Jill Valentine Part 2

After freeing Jill from Wesker's control, Doom used the attack again to weaken Wesker enough for Jill to get him a neck hold.

Assist Me! Featuring Chris Redifled Part 2

When Max's apartment was invaded by zombies, Doom used the attack to kill the zombified Mega Man Kids.

Assist Me! Featuring Phoenix Part 2

After Dark Phoenix set fire to Max's apartment, Doom rushed into the kitchen and attempted to put the fire in the fridge out with the Finger Lazers...only for Max to remind that wouldn't work at all, with Doom screaming, "IT'S ALL I KNOW!!!" and using the Lazers again.

Assist Me! Featuring Taskmaster Part 2

As Doom struggled against Taskmaster's sword, he surprised the assassin by using the Finger Lazers to knock him down.


Evo Special

As the callgirl was revealing more than Doom wanted to know about the night before, he promptly vaporized her with the Finger Lazers.

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