Infinity Gauntlet

"Doom's playing with power!"

The Infinity Gauntlet was designed to hold six of the 'soul gems', better known as the Infinity Gems. When used in combination their already impressive powers make the wearer able to do anything he/she wants. It was gathered by the mad Titan Thanos as he took the gems from the Elders of the Universe that had originally carried them.

Within Marvel Superheros and Marvel vs Capcom 2, Thanos uses the Gauntlet as part of his moveset, controlling all six Infinity Gems and using their powers as his own.

Role in Assist MeEdit

Doctor Doom swindled the Infinity Gauntlet and the gems from Thanos by giving him some Cross-Gauge and Defense Gems from Street Fighter x Tekken. Once he learned he had been tricked, Thanos tracked Doom down and demanded the Gauntlet returned. Doom used the Time Gem to save himself and Max by propelling them back to 1997, but in doing so, the Time Gem was fried. Only Thanos possessed a second Time Gem, and Max had to defeat him in a tournament to win it, allowing him and Doom to return to their proper time, which had become altered due to Doom's meddling.

The Time Gem once more shorted out and Doom had to grind up several games in his hood, grinding up Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems and creating several dozen Infinity Gems, allowing them to return to the past.

Doom used the Infinity Gauntlet in his battle with Captain Commando, using the Power Gem to launch an energy blast and the Reality Gem to send himself and Commando back into the game, but Doom's inexperience with the Gauntlet proved to be his undoing.

When Max and Doom repaired the timeline, Thanos reclaimed the Infinity Gauntlet from Doom.

Live Action AppearancesEdit

  • Retro Assist Me! Episode 1
  • Retro Assist Me! Episode 2
  • Retro Assist Me! Episode 3
  • Retro Assist Me! Episode 4

In Other MediaEdit

  • Retro Assist Me! Outtakes Part 1
  • Retro Assist Me! The Lost Outtakes


  • The Infinity Gems are one of a kind items in the proper Marvel Universe, where as in Assist Me, the Gems can be created and multiple versions exist all at once. The gems also don't short out after a single use.

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