Todd Jennings
"Rule 34, bro."






Melee Weapons and Firearms



First Appearance

Assist Me!; Season 2, Episode 4

Origin Series

Assist Me!

Portrayed by

Dave Thomas

Character OriginsEdit

Todd is a Special Operations Agent (S.O.A.) of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (B.S.A.A.) local to Southern California.

Background Edit

Zombie Outbreak Edit

"Sup, bro?"

Todd and another S.O.A., Larry Hayes , accompanied Chris Redfield to Max 's house during the zombie outbreak to search for clues as to the whereabouts of Jill Valentine. During the time the B.S.A.A. spent at Max's home, Todd was shown to be slightly more calm and professional than his partner Larry. Despite his intimidating size and composure, he's still frightened when Albert Wesker mock lunges at him. He even shows a sense of humor similar to Chris and Larry on more than one occasion, cracking jokes about Chris's possible use of steroids and his "hot" sister Claire. As an S.O.A., he's skilled in combat and he takes out several zombies during the attack on the apartment.

His skills weren't enough to save him though, as he was eventually overrun by the zombies. He died attempting to reload while Larry covered him.

Live-Action AppearancesEdit

Todd has appeared in the following episodes of Assist Me!

  • Assist Me! Featuring Chris Redfield Part 1
  • Assist Me! Featuring Chris Redfield Part 2

In Other MediaEdit

  • Chris Redfield Outtakes


  • Todd is portrayed by Dave Thomas, the brother-in-law of Michael Young, who plays Albert Wesker, and brother of Robert Thomas, who co-puppeteered Rocket Raccoon.
  • During pre-production of the Chris Redfield episode, Todd was named "Tadd". His name was changed to Todd during one of the drafts of the script. There was a running gag cut from the episode where Chris and Larry repeatedly called him "Tadd" which he would correct by clearing his throat and saying "Uhh, it's Todd." However, the gag was cut out during production as it didn't flow well with the dialog in the episode.

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