Rocket Raccoon and Frank West Tutorial
Season Ultimate ASSIST ME!, Episode 6
Ultimate Assist Me! Episode 6
Release date 11/8/2011
Written by Matthew Simmons and
Michael Young
Directed by Maximilian Christiansen
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The Rocket Raccoon and Frank West Tutorial is the sixth and final episode of Ultimate ASSIST ME!, the official tutorial series for Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. It was originally released on YouTube November 8, 2011. The episode was co-written by Matthew Simmons and Michael Young, and directed by Maximilian Christiansen, the series creator.

Plot Edit

Much like in the beginning of the first episode, Doom is calling one of Max's friends over his cellphone talking about his third member on his team to be X-23 and even mentions that there was a misunderstanding and saying that she'll return when she sees Doom's "noble charms," ending with a belch. He also says that he still lives with Max, telling his friend he is not related to Nicolas Cage or the Nickelback. Once he sees a bag he puts on the couch moving he said he will call the guy back. Doom picks up the back to see a familiar raccoon and calls Max, who was trying to find his cellphone and hoagie. Once Max sees it was Rocket Raccoon, as Rocket Raccoon tells them that he heard about a threat about Galactus coming here and is curious if they have something to do with it. Reluctantly, Doom decides to call the exterminator but Max reminds him that he's Rocket Raccoon, one of the last characters they have to master. Rocket Raccoon disses Doom for living under the rock while Doom retorts that he runs a country, which Rocket Raccoon comments that it's probably from the Dark Ages from his attire. Max continues to explain to Doom that once they master his moves they'll be set free. Rocket Raccoon comments that it must be something that Doom brought from the Medieval times and then Doom and Rocket Raccoon throw insults at each other regarding Starfox and Pocahontas jokes. Max tells them that it's best they settle this in a game of UMvC3 and they both agree, starting Rocket Raccoon's tutorial.

After Rocket Raccon's tutorial, Rocket Raccoon asks if he has some pretty flashy moves and Max agrees but Doom mocks him that his claymore is nothing and tells him to call him if he can shoot 'pure concentrated awesomeness' from his fingertips. Rocket Raccoon responds by telling him to let him know when he can get a girl without resorting to kidnapping and then asks if Max knows any good photographers who can capture his glorious moment when he defeats Galactus. He even added if it's a battle photographer who can withstand any kinds of actions. Max gets the idea and suggests Frank West, remarking that he's covered wars, but Doom wasn't impressed as he says that he started them.

And after Frank West's tutorial, Max comments that Rocket Raccoon is a pretty tricky character due to his timid appearance. Doom thinks he sounds too violent for a good guy and thinks he's a puppet (which result looking at the viewers) and adds "For Galactus" while Rocket Raccoon argues about it and Doom even adds that he is thinking he has a hand stuck up his rear. Max tries to tell them to calm down, telling them to settle this in-game but they both tell him to shut up in unison, Rocket Raccoon tells Doom that they're going to settle it "man to man", which Doom mocks him by telling him that it'll be a stretch for him and then they start fighting. Max claims to hate his life and then decides to fights Galactus on his own with a team of Strider, Ghost Rider and Vergil. During Max's battle, Doom accidentally hits on the wall, resulting in landing on top of Rocket Raccoon and once Max defeats Galactus, he disappears. Doom gets up and wonders what just happen after he sits back at the couch. Max replies that it's over and they have mastered all twelve characters and saved the world. Doom was curious about the cursed disc he brought but as soon they see the UMvC3 title screen, it suddenly change into the vanilla MvC3 title screen while the cursed disc disappears. Doom sobs over his losses of the game, buffs and Strider, but Max tells him to chill and tells him that the game comes out in a week but Doom reclaims of what he'll do until then. Then Max asks his same question as he asked in the first episode "Want to go first to 5 in Marvel 3?" , and Doom agrees, ending the mini-series.




'ASSIST ME!' - Rocket Raccoon and Frank West Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Live Action Tutorial-018:22

'ASSIST ME!' - Rocket Raccoon and Frank West Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Live Action Tutorial-0


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