"You're going to make me as good as Dante."


Son of Sparda




Demon powers, Yamato, Beowulf



First Appearance

Ultimate Assist Me!; Episode 5

Origin Series

Devil May Cry

Portrayed by

Sean Boundy

Character OriginsEdit

Vergil is the twin brother of Dante and the other son of the The Dark Knight Sparda. Unlike his heroic relatives, Vergil is an aloof individual who seeks out the power their father left behind at any cost. Wielding the keepsake O-katana Yamato by his side and a command of vast magical powers, he rivals his brother, Dante, in every regard. His swordsmanship is arguably even greater.

Note: The rest of this article pertains to the character strictly as he appears in Assist Me! continuity or media in some way affiliated with Assist Me!


Cursed DiscEdit

Vergil first appeared as Max and Doom argued over what to do about Galactus' imminent approach, and after Doom suggested Max call "that half-demon Dante", Vergil appeared across from them on the chair, telling both, "That won't be necessary." Doom was unfamiliar with Vergil and Max explained his relation to Dante. Vergil then took a shot at Doom's lack of intelligence and drew Yamato, before offering his aide in saving the world in exchange for Max making him "As good as Dante."

After covering moves, mobility, specials, hypers, assists and combos, Max complimented Vergil's abilities but Doom insulted his sword, with Vergil retaliating that only 'fools' trust their life to technology. Doom then took a shot at Vergil's deceased mother, causing him to storm into the kitchen in a huff. Max made Doom go and apologize under threat of letting Vergil have all the yogurt, but Doom's half hearted and crass apologies only made things worse, with Vergil advancing on him, Yamato drawn, but after Doom suggested that all he needed was a friend, Max took the chance to introduce Vergil to Nova and his abilities in game.

After covering Nova, Max asked Vergil if he was ready to give humanity a second chance...Vergil's response was a prompt "No", as he was still angry over how good Dante was in the original Marvel vs Capcom 3. Though Doom liked him better than Dante simply because Vergil "kept a shirt on", Vergil still wanted to wipe out humanity in response to Dante having a larger fanbase then him. After Max asked Doom to do something to cheer him up, Doom finger-snapped in the Amulet from the Devil May Cry series and gave it to Vergil. Realizing that he could now open the gates of hell, Vergil mocked Max and Doom before vanishing with a demonic laugh...

But he would probably soon discover that the 'amulet' was just a fake and that Doom smashed the real one, inadvertently saving humanity.

Vergil has not been seen since.

Live-Action AppearancesEdit

  • Ultimate Assist Me! Episode 5 Featuring Vergil & Nova

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Though he didn't have much a chance to showcase his powers, Vergil is assumed to still possess all of his game counterpart's abilities, though he only demonstrated the ability to teleport and some skill with Yamato.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit

  • Ultimate Assist Me! Outtakes Part 3


  • Vergil is mistakenly referred to as Dante's half-brother in his debut episode, when in fact they are twins.
  • It is somewhat ironic that Vergil is upset that Dante is 'better' than him in the game, when recently, Vergil is considered the most broken and best character in UMvC3.

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