The term "zombie" refers to most humans that have succumbed to the Tyrant virus (either through contaminated water supply or via bites and scratches from a virus carrier).

The researchers at Umbrella, called them "zombies" due to their slow pace, mindless nature, similarity to the modern-day concept of a zombie in 20th century cinema, and the fact that they are walking dead corpses. Like their horror film counterparts, zombies spread the virus through biting and are walking corpses, due to the fact that individuals die before turning into zombies.

Role in Assist MeEdit

Taskmaster released the T-Virus in the greater Las Angeles area, which includes Santa Monica, infecting hundreds if not thousands of people. Max ran into a female zombie as he was returning home to his apartment, and was saved from becoming a meal by Chris Redfield. After that, a small horde of zombies approached Max's apartment complex and somehow made their way into his home. Max, Chris, Doom and the B.S.A.A. agents Larry Hayes and Todd Jennings battled the zombies and managed to survive into the morning, though Larry and Todd were killed in the skirmish.

Wesker was suspected by almost everyone to have been the culprit who released the T-Virus, but Phoenix later proved his innocence and revealed Taskmaster's involvement. Though unconfirmed, it is heavily implied he received the Virus from either M.O.D.O.K. or the owner of the mysterious voice who managed to frighten even Jean herself.

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